Comments: Have a new Registration Coordinator replacing Charles Miller, named Tomika

New Business:

  • Poll worker training is January 27 – February 3, 2016. First session is January 27th through the 29th and the second session is February 1st through the third. We’re training two precincts per session, and there are two sessions per day–three hours each. There are some training videos the Secretary of State has put together for poll worker training. For the precincts that have been combined, managers will be chosen based on seniority of experience. Assistant managers should be ready to move up at any time.
  • Voter Registration Report: Will have to delay the report that Charles Miller gave because of the elections, the run-offs, and the special elections that were held from September through December. Will get the report this month, but from this point forward it will be from Tomika, the new Registration Coordinator. Newspaper deaths needed for approval: August – 80 September – 76 October – 71 November – 70 December – 72
  • Number of active, registered voters dropped from 101,000 to 86,000
  • 2016 qualifying fees for elective offices: We will appear on the Council Agenda on Tuesday, January 12th concerning the qualifying fee. Because Columbus has had a change in population size, the base salary of elected officials is also adjusted.

Old Business

Citizen request: Consider moving advance voting location from Columbus Baptist Association to Frank Chester Recreation Center.

Board’s response: we can’t do that in time for the presidential preference primary on March 1st, but we might be able to in time for the primary on May 24th. We can take the community’s recommendation and move it further south–maybe St. Mary’s if the community thinks it’s best.

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