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Drop Box Information

I got my absentee ballot, now what?

It’s time to fill it out and drop it off! (Be an informed voter. Visit ReadySet.Vote to see who is running in your area and create your sample ballot!)

We’ve been tracking drop box locations across the entire state of Georgia. Check out the post below for our best intel across all 159 counties.

Frequently Asked Questions

DROP BOXES: Does it matter where I drop my ballot?

YES! You must return your ballot to a drop box in your county.

DROP BOXES: Do I have to include postage when using a drop box?

NO. No postage is necessary when using a drop box.
Note: Postage is required if you are using USPS. 2 stamps, to be safe.

EARLY VOTING: Can I vote at any early voting site?

YES and NO. You can vote at any early voting location AS LONG AS it is in your county.

EARLY VOTING: Where can I find early voting locations in my county?

Our data team has created this interactive map for you! Click for address, county, and notes for weekend voting availability. Green is for Early Voting locations, Blue is for November 3rd!

This map is provided as a public service and subject to change. Check with your county’s election office for more information.

ABSENTEE BALLOTS: I requested my ballot but haven’t received it yet. What should I do?

  1. Make an alternative voting plan — and by that, we mean head to the polls during early voting. You can submit another request but it may cause your first ballot to be cancelled and then it may not arrive in time… Just saying.

That’s it. That’s the list. Go vote early.

You can always submit other issues or questions here and our team will follow up with you.

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