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Unfinished Business

There are currently four (4) polling locations. The board could increase to five (5), with one centralized location, or to seven (7), two for each district (2, 3, and 4) and one (1) site for District 1.

Chairperson Kathy Ransom (I)

  • said that the board should consider poverty/mobility issues when deciding where to place a new polling site
  • noted that about 30% of the county is living under the poverty line and those communities may not be as mobile as others (so, presumably, the board should give preference to those communities when scouting new locations)
  • reminded the board that they wanted a location to best serve the electors

Member Robert Ingram (D)

  • asked how much influence the town hall meeting would have on the board’s decision
  • noted that the majority of the citizens present at the town hall meeting preferred ten (10) polling places
  • noted that economic and logistical information was presented but that the the citizens still wanted ten (10)
  • Chairperson Ransom:
    • said that some preferred seven (7), possibly because of tradition, others preferred ten (10), while still others preferred four (4)
    • said that the individuals present at the town hall meetings were just a small portion of all voters
    • recommended that the board move forward with their options

Member Ingram

  • asked if they were there to make a decision on polling places or just to discuss
  • said that he did not want to try to make a decision tonight
  • expressed concern that the Secretary of State’s office is already sending out cards to people telling them where to vote when the polling places have not even been set
  • said that when the polling places have been established, new cards would be sent out
  • Chairperson Ransom:
    • said that she was not opposed to postponing the decision until the 19th but that a decision had to be made soon

The decision was tabled until October 19th in the interest of everyone being as comfortable with the decision as possible.

New Business


  • discussion postponed until October 19th as a decision has yet to been made as to how many polling places there may be

Elections Supervisor and Elections Clerk Clayton trip to Atlanta

Tiffany Medlock (Elections Supervisor)

  • noted that some of the streets that the Secretary of State had on file do not actually exist in Hancock County
  • noted that the Secretary of State claimed that the board had voters in incorrect districts when the board in fact did not; the streets that the Secretary of State had listed were incorrect
  • said that the Secretary of State needed to update their information and that the board had to get the problem fixed

Member Ingram and Member Clayton will go to Atlanta with Medlock on October 15, 2015.

The probable Cause Hearings by Elector Don Bevill took place.

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