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A citizen requested that the board consider moving the early voting location from Columbus Baptist Association to the Frank Chester Recreation Center.

  • Pastor Reggie Williams of the South Columbus United Methodist Church offered his church as an early voting location. There are many individuals living in the area who do not have reliable transportation, and a good chunk of those individuals are also members of his church. Voters in the area would be able to walk to the church to vote, and this location also provides easy wheelchair access.
  • The Vice-President of South Columbus Concerned Citizens stated that the organization’s job was to bridge the gap between elected officials/the government and citizens. She noted that having a voting location in the South Columbus area would be more convenient for voters.
  • The board responded that a decision would be made by December regarding the locations.

The Presidential Preference Primaries will be held on March 1st, 2016. The board discussed the measures to be taken in order to prepare for this election. Discussed measures included:

  • Preparing a training program for poll workers and area managers in December.
  • Hosting a mock election in the middle of December since many of the staff members are new.
  • Organizing teams during the election. Teams will be headed by a permanent staff member with temporary workers assisting them.
    • Customer Service Team to manage the front desk, answer the phones, and handle voter complaints
    • Ballot Preparation Team
    • Voter Registration Team to enter new registrants and update the information in the computer database
    • Ballot Issuance Team
    • Equipment Team


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