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In attendance:

Stephanie McKee (Member)

Robert Swartz (Member)

Amos Kimbrough (Member)

Pat Robinson (Member)


Greg Whiten (Account Manager for EasyVote)

Sandi Fallin (Board Supervisor)

Harry Taylor


Member Swartz asked Supervisor Fallin what occurred for them to now need to have their meetings recorded. Supervisor Fallin stated that the reason the county wanted the meetings recorded was so that they could have backup documentation of the meetings.

Member Swartz appeared to oppose that idea, but he let it go ultimately.


Over on postage costs by $528 and over on advertising costs by $849.34, due to the election they had in July, with the runoff too. Possible three year plan of ordering voting machines. Ordering twenty at a time over the next three years. Currently have eight new machines–ninety machines total.

Appointment of Board Superintendent for 2016 Election Cycle

The board appointed Stephanie McKee as Board Superintendent.

EasyVote Demonstration – Guest Speaker – Greg Whiten

  • Greg Whiten spent 20+ years with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, Elections Division. Was the technology director for the elections division, but left last August and now works for EasyVote.
  • EasyVote is a company that offers services and systems that help supplement the State’s elections system. Eliminates the bottleneck of filling out applications by scanning the driver’s license or any state-issued ID card. The individual will only have to sign their name on the printed document. By doing this, it cuts back on the delay of not being able to read someone’s handwriting on an application.
  • Costs – For unlimited users, it’s $2,000 a year. For only one user, it’s around $3,000 for the first year and then $1,000 for every year following the first. “One user” means only one user for the EasyVote function and only one user for the EasyAbsentee function, but two couldn’t be on one at the same time. Scanners are not EasyVote’s product and are sold separately for $600 per scanner. If you need laptops and printers, they are also something the board will have to buy on their own.
  • The board will take the issue to Mr. Carter for approval.

March 1, 2016 PPP – Election Prep.

Completed logistics and analysis testing; everything is ready for Election Day. Already started mailing out absentee ballots.

Appointment of Poll Managers for 2016 Election Cycle

Approved the list of poll managers

March 1, 2016 PPP – Poll Worker Training

February 15th, 16th and 18th @ 10 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm; has to have at least 6 people per


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