In attendance:

Ann Jennings (Chairperson)

Frances Jordan (Vice Chairperson)

Robert Motley (Member)

Carolyn Williams (Supervisor)

Diane Martin (Clerk)


Elections & Registration Updates, presented by Supervisor Williams

“I had one unit that would go to 224, and it would stop; it wouldn’t take another ballot. But we were able to use the provisional machine and we just switched cards. I sent it off to [Kennesaw State University] to get fixed and told them I would need it back by May 2nd. This Friday, we will [perform logistics and analysis testing on] the touch-screen voting machines to be used for early voting and Election Day, which will be a total of 32 machines that will be tested.”

Poll worker training will be April 18th-21st and 25th-27th.

“As of this morning, we have a grand total of 43 paper ballots issued.” 6 Republican and 37 Democrat.

Voter Removals for month of March, presented by Clerk Martin

  • Felons: 4
  • Deceased: 9
  • Transferred: 44 out of county, however, there were 35 transfers in county; and a total of 24 new voters
  • Photo ID issues: 11

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