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Gordon County Announces Ballot Drop Off Box Location

The Gordon Board of Elections announced the Board of Election Office, 101 South Piedmont Street Calhoun, Georgia, 30701 as a ballot drop off box location during the April monthly meeting. The following includes brief notes taken by a Peanut Gallery volunteer as a public service only. Contact the Gordon County Board of Elections with questions or  for official information.

Gordon BOE meeting 4-21-20 4:00-5:00pm

Chair Shea Hicks

Carolyn Fuller

Lizbeth Alvarez

Cody Oglesby

Damon Walker

Absentee Ballots:

S.H: Any voter that has not turned in their absentee ballot can still vote in person. If they go to their voting precinct, the poll manager will be able to do an affidavit with the voter so that they will be able to vote on election day. The poll worker calls our BOE office to see if their absentee ballot has been turned in, if they haven’t turned one in yet, then the poll manager does an affidavit with the voter so that they are allowed to vote in person.

D.M: Any voter that brings the uncompleted ballot with them would save time because they would not have to call the BOE office or to do an affidavit.


S.H: We have gloves, masks, safety glasses, alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer to keep poll workers and voters safe for early voting and election day voting.

Poll workers:

C.F: If the poll workers do not feel safe enough to work, will you have replacements to fill in?

S.H: Yes we will have replacements, I hope.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak I trained all of the poll managers and several poll workers in person. The next training for poll workers could be virtual. So far I have trained 47 poll workers.

Polling locations / Election dates / Drop box:

S.H: It’s possible that we will have to move some polling locations if an emergency meeting is scheduled for the same location. Doraville High or Doraville Baptist Church are possibilities for alternative polling locations.

Voter registration deadline is on 5-11-20.

Early voting is 5-18-20 to 6-5-20.

Saturday voting is on 5-30-20

For the 6-9-20 elections a drop box will be provided for absentee ballot collection if you want to drop it off for yourself or anyone in your household. It will be connected to the door of our office and accessible during and after office hours.

Our next meeting will be 5-19-20 at 4:00 p.m. and hopefully we will be able meet in person.

****If you would like to volunteer to attend BOE meetings and report the findings to The Peanut Gallery, please contact [email protected]. Our volunteers assist us in holding BOEs accountable and keeping citizens informed.

Join our online volunteer training April 28 by signing up here:

Attribution for ballot box photo:Josh and Kaldari


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