Rockdale County BOE Notes- 4/29/20

Rockdale County Notes- 11a.m. 4/29/20

The following includes brief notes taken by a Peanut Gallery volunteer as a public service only. Contact the Rockdale County Board of Elections with questions or for official information.


Because they are not open to the public, the only alternative to mail is for the voter to slide the ballot under the door.The Board requested that they are permitted to purchase a drop ballet box based on the rules provided by the Secretary of State and the State Election Board.

 Purpose of video recording equipment

Cost: $2400. The Secretary of State will have a grant so they will be able to reimburse them for a portion of the funds for paying for the ballot box in addition to paying for the videos to be mounted. The ballot box will also have to be mounted on a movable surface.They Board is going to ask Conyers Police Department to monitor the ballot box for them when they aren’t there after hours- not sure if they can be placed overnight, but at least drive through every hour and look for any suspicious activity.

Q: The ballots that are mailed through the Post Office, will they be allowed to deliver them and put them in the box?

A: No – Will not allow the Post Office to deliver ballots they pick up. They pick up the mail from the Post Office.


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