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Columbia County BOE Meeting Notes 4-13-2020

The Columbia County Board of Elections met Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 10:30 a.m.

The following are the official minutes supplied by The Columbia county Board of Elections. Contact the Columbia Board of Elections with questions.

Those present were: Board Members: Larry Wiggins (Chair), Wanda Duffie, Ann Cushman; office staff Nancy Gay.

Mr. Wiggins motioned to call the meeting to order. Mrs. Cushman second- Motion carried.

Mrs. Cushman motioned to approve the Agenda. Mrs. Duffie second- Motion carried.

Mr. Wiggins motioned to approve the Minutes as presented. Mrs. Duffie second- Motion carried.

Old Business 

Nancy updated the Board on the status of the March 24,,2020, Presidential Preference Primary.. She informed the Board that the two weeks of early voting that was conducted went well. The voters and the poll workers adjusted well to the new equipment. Upon the order to postpone the election, we gathered all voted ballots, memory cards and various other items and had them locked up in a safe area.

New Business 

Nancy updated the Board on the postponement of the May 19,2020, General Primary, which will now be June 9, 2020 – with early voting set to begin Monday, May 18, 2020. The Board then discussed whether to open Patriots Park for the full three weeks of voting. Nancy then offered that she would need to see if their calendar would even allow use, as these weeks are in the summer and their schedule may be full. They then instructed Nancy to contact Patriots Park to determine if the dates were available and report back. Nancy also informed the Board that two churches that serve as voting precincts contacted the office regarding the June 9, 2020, election date and expressed concern with having scheduling conflicts. Both churches are having meetings in the coming week and Nancy will keep the Board informed.

Nancy then presented to the Board the registration figures as of April 14, 2020:

Active – 102.732

Inactive – 8,525

for a total of 111,257 voters

We have had an increase of 623 voters since the last report.

Next Meeting 

May 19, 2020


Mrs. Duffie made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Wiggins second. Motion carried. 11:43 a.m.


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