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Bibb County BOE Talks Budget Changes

Meeting Minutes Snippet

The Bibb County Board of Elections held their monthly meeting yesterday. In an attempt to meet election day demands – poll workers will be required to do more — the Board elected to increase polling location payouts. They also moved to reduce the number of purchased vans and to reduce the repairs and maintenance budget during the same meeting. Read our brief notes taken by one of our volunteers below.

Bibb County Special Meeting Notes


Teleconference, 11:00 a.m.

New Business

Approval of the 2021 budget:

A member notes that the budget does not include most employees’ salaries.

A Board member says this is because the County is doing their own survey and assessment.

Straight pay is clarified to be when someone is paid for working a holiday and the finance department has it separate from overtime.

The County will have 423 poll workers that will require more than the usual training. It is pointed out by the Board that within the budget there is enough money to give the employees a raise.With the increased workload, temporary employees are currently working eight-hour shifts to help process applications and will have to be paid. The Board notes to push for higher salaries for employees.

The Board will increase what they pay to sites hosting them as polling locations from $70 to $130 (Except for schools, which usually don’t receive payment).

There is one member who suggested that last year’s budget should be included for comparison.

The Board agrees and last year’s budget was emailed to every Board member and pulled up.

In regards to their property lease, the Board is expected to keep their property for the next three years, but after that they will not renew the lease.

Equipment repairs this year are limited  to $20,000.

Someone notes that $104,000 for purchasing three vans is not in the supplemental budget, but is on the proposed budget. Since there is not an election every year, the Board agrees to purchase two vans instead.

There are three major changes to the proposed budget:

  1. Increasing payouts to locations.
  2. Reducing request from three vans to two
  3. Reducing repairs and maintenance budget to $20,000 dollars

The Budget is approved with these changes.

Meeting is adjourned


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