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Glynn County Board of Elections and Registration Special Meeting Minutes 08/26/20

The Special Called Meeting of the Board of Elections and Registration was called to order by Chairman Gibson at 2:00pm.

Members Present:

  • Patricia Gibson, Chairman
  • Patricia Featherstone, Vice Chairman
  • Keith Rustin, Secretary
  • Sandy Dean, Member
  • Tommy Clark, Member
  • Christopher Channell, Supervisor
  • Christina Redden, Assistant Supervisor
  • Marc Johnson, Attorney
  • Pam Shierling
  • Taylor Cooper

Executive Session:

  • A motion was made and seconded to move into Executive Session.
  • Mr. Clark expressed his concerns about ensuring the public understands the issue.
  • Mr. Clark stated the decision to place SB 509 on a separate Special Election Ballot was done based on legal counsel but is impractical.
  • He continued that placing SB509 on a General Election ballot would likely bring suit against the action but it would ensure voters get the opportunity to vote on the issue.
  • Ms. Dean asked Mr. Johnson if there was new information regarding litigation which merited an Executive Session.
  • Mr. Johnson replied there was information regarding potential litigation.
  • Ms. Gibson asked for a roll-call vote to go into Executive Session.
  • Mr. Clark and Ms. Featherstone voted yes.
  • Mr. Rustin voted yes but requested there be some action or resolution to the issue taken once the Board exited Executive Session.
  • Ms. Dean voted no, Ms. Gibson voted yes.
  • The Board moved into Executive Session

Concerning the Election to Consider SB509

  • The Board moved out of Executive Session.
  • Mr. Clark made a motion to rescind the August 21, 2020 call for a separate Special Election to consider SB509, based on legal counsel and guidance from the Secretary of State’s General Counsel.
    • The motion was seconded and passed 4-1.
  • Mr. Clark made a motion to place SB 509 on the General Election ballot to be held November 3, 2020 based on the recommendation of the Secretary of State’s General Counsel.
  • Mr. Clark clarified this act is meant to eliminate the need for a separate, Special Election.
    • The motion was seconded.
  • Ms. Dean stated for public record her belief that the actions of the Board on August 21, 2020 were the only legal alternative per the advice of the Board’s attorney and she saw no reason why those actions should change.
  • Ms. Gibson called for a vote, the motion passed 4-1.


Ms. Dean made the motion to adjourn, Mr. Clark seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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