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Gwinnett County Board of Elections Meeting Votes to Approve Resolution Supporting Bill That Would Change How Members are Chosen 03/04/21

On Tuesday, March 2 the vast majority of Gwinnett County’s commissioners voted to approve a resolution in support of a pending Georgia General Assembly bill that, if passed, would dramatically alter the process of choosing election boards. 

Currently, the sitting Chairperson of the Gwinnett Republican Party chooses two members of the election board, as does the Chairperson of the Gwinnett Democratic Party, before these four appointments jointly choose the fifth and final member of the board. The proposed bill, while still offering both parties some say in election board appointments, would put substantially more power in the hands of the Board of Commissioners.

Under the proposed bill, either party will submit five options for the Board of Commissioners to choose as candidates. The Board of Commissioners will choose two candidates each from the candidate pools submitted by either party,and will choose the fifth board member at their own discretion. 

This decision to advocate for a reconstitution of the elections board came soon after the accusations against current Board Chairwoman Alice O’Lenick arose in response to her assertion that election laws in Georgia should be modified so that Republicans “at least have a shot of winning.” 

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