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No Sunday Voting in Spalding County

Meeting Called to order

Public Comment

Isaac, a local in Spalding County: “I’m disappointed with this issue on Sunday voting, it’s disappointing. We need to know where our representatives stand and if they represent us. You keep pushing the issue back meeting to meeting”

Adoption of the Agenda

When Johnson asked if there is a motion for the adoption of the agenda Alfred said he would like to add Sunday voting by May 24th.  Second by O’Brien. All members agree

Old Business

The idea to hire a firm was not our decision. There are a number of supervisors that have contracted a pr firm. I went to the county commission with this, and I told them I do not know which counties have also done this

Spalding county does not have the personnel to address this event or even community questions regarding it.

Board Votes against Sunday voting

Sunday Voting

We’ve heard from different sides the pros and cons. You noticed tonight we have something on the proposed background.

People have died for the opportunity to vote. I want to allow Sunday voting in Spalding county

Motion to allow Sunday voting

Motion seconded

Stephanie: At last month’s meeting you did not have that document however I did share all relevant information with you. Everything in front of you I did share.

Jim O’Brien: I still maintain this is the first time I am seeing this.

Ben Johnson: As far as I know other counties like Fulton are not doing Sunday voting. I still haven’t heard anything that would necessitate this. For anyone off Sunday we do have mail-in ballots available. I haven’t heard an argument for it based on wait times and capacity. Public comments have been emotional and based on race and traditional

Jim O’Brien: I want to be very clear that Sunday voting is allowed. I think we need to be clear and listen to the voters of Spalding County and allow Sunday voting

Motion fails 3-2

*Following this Several attendees left the meeting in frustration


Not continuing the Dominion maintenance warranty

Ben Johnson: Dominion is software running on hardware. When I questioned both dominion and the state about software, they couldn’t answer me about assurances if it goes down. All we have is Hardware assurances

From the standpoint of the software side, we don’t anything current or if we are even legally licensed to use the software.

The Board votes not to renew with Dominion 3-2

James Newland: Dominion is not a company I would like to do business with

New Business


Director’s Report

May 24th

May 2nd -7th




16th -20th


June 21st runoff

Dates for advanced voting will be revealed at a later

Cancellation of May 24th County district 5 special election due to only 1 candidate qualifying

Redistricting has been completed

SOS has been working on a new registration system called Garvis.

We were shut out of E-net at the end. We did not send out precinct cards because we would have to send out another a few weeks later due to redistricting cards.

We ordered the new one’s last week. They should arrive in about two and a half weeks.

Precinct 12 voters have been moved to Fairview Baptist Church due to the previous location no longer wanting to be a polling location

House District 73 will appear as House District 74 now

House District 117 Added

Absentee Ballots arrived Friday and are being proofed.

Applications received:107

Will begin mailing them on April 25th.

Last day to receive a ballot is May 13th

Executive session concludes public portion of this meeting

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Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings?

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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