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Forsyth County BOE Special Meeting

On May 19, 2022, Forsyth County BOE held a special meeting in considering 10 individuals to be Challenged due to their addresses being PO Boxes. This comes after the F. Schneider Challenge in which Schneider wanted to challenge over 13,000 locals in Forsyth County. The Board had dismissed the Challenge at their last Forsyth County BOE Special Meeting with a unanimous vote.

County: Forsyth

Date of meeting:  05/19/22

General read of the room: New Georgia Project was present as well as Forsyth County locals in a small room. There were 8 attendee’s total including 2 attorneys and the clerk.

Announced Start time of meeting:  6 PM

Actual start time of meeting:  6PM

Link to online agenda (if available):  Forsyth County BOE Special Meeting

Board members present:  Joel Natt, Carla Radzikinas, Babraba Luth, Dan Thalimer, and Anita Tucker

Major Point of Concern: 

Items of discussion-

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Adoption of The Agenda
  4. New Business
    1. Discussion of Action taken May 12, 2022, Special Called Meeting Regarding Challenges to the Qualifications of 10 Voters Pursuant to OCGA 21-2-230(A) – 4-28-2022 Schneider Challenge
      1. Carla Radizikinas and Joel Natt raised a motion to reconsider challenging 10 of the individuals on the list that were found to be PO Boxes.
      1. Motion granted by Barabara Luth
    1. Discussion of Hearing Dates Postponed at the May 12, 2022, Special Called Meeting for Challenges Pursuant to OCGA 21-2-229 from the June 7, 2022 Board of Voter Registrations & Elections meeting to the July Board meeting
      1. Board raised a motion to resend and doesn’t want to confuse voters. They will keep it to the June meeting. If they need more time, they will schedule another meeting.
      1. Anita Tucker requested an updated list and if any have been rectified
      1. Motion granted by all board members
    1. Joel Natt announced that Betsy will be coming back as a poll manager for the election cycle. She has served previously.
    1. Board will put out signs on polling locations that are no longer open. Polling locations were moved earlier this year however none were dissolved. Board will also put out alerts to locals to check their My Voter Page.
    1. There was a poll worker who refused to go into a precinct because they have issues with an assistant manager
      1. Board will be looking into the issues to investigate what’s going on
      1. Anita Tucker requested to add another piece to New Business however the Board moved forward due to no objections during the Adoption of the Agenda.

Attorney comments – Two attorneys were present yet had no comments

Public education/Communications initiatives:   Poll workers are needed due to a few poll workers dropping off because of health reasons i.e., Covid. If you’re interested in signing up to be a poll worker in Forsyth County, Georgia, CLICK HERE.

Announced end time of meeting:  6:27 PM

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