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Cherokee County Board of Elections Meeting 8/1/2022

Meeting called to order at 9:35 AM
Members Present: Alan Shinall (Chairman), Cindy Castello (R), Donald Sams (D), Rachel Kinsey (D), Mike Byrd (R), Anne Dover (Supervisor), Anne Brombaugh (Attorney)

Next meeting: Monday, Sept 12

Chair Shinall reported that:
Questions have been raised about the Voting Machines. With an accuracy rate that has less than a 2%
error rate, well within the norms, this is not an issue. The Staff and Board are always making every effort to make the results even more accurate.

In response to other questions, Chairman Shinall commented that the Supervisor is not on trial at these meetings. Efforts to treat her other than in a professional manner are unacceptable. All activities of the board have been verified through a proper audit by lawyers and the staff. The Board has taken an oath to follow the law.

The agenda for today and the minutes of the July meeting were approved and distributed.
In following a recent practice, the Code of Conduct for attendees at a meeting was read by Rachel Kinsey, Secretary of the Board.

Public Comments:
The atmosphere in the room was highly charged as many in attendance were wearing American flag
clothing and/or red. There was a clear feeling of antagonism toward the Board and staff who were
present. Demands were made to conduct another recount of the ballots – this time by hand. Such a recount will require additional taxpayers’ dollars and if they don’t get their way, another recount will be demanded. Claims were made that the results had serious discrepancies requiring the recount but were not substantiated. Further, the machines are inaccurate and false ballots can easily be entered in the system. There is a general lack of transparency.

References were made to Lincoln and Jesus who believed in truth. There was little truth in the
processing of the ballots for the Primary or Run-Off elections this Spring. In other words, there was no
integrity in the system. The QR Codes cannot be read by a human observer, are illegal, and should not be included in the process. Only hand counting of hand-marked ballots will provide the accuracy required.

Other participants informed those present that the Dominion machines have a near 100% accuracy. The nature of the QR Codes and the readers that translate that info into the count are highly regarded and recognized as accurate. The process in Cherokee County is highly accurate and the Poll Workers are
committed to maintaining this level of professionalism. These claims are frivolous.
We have a right to finality in this process which the Secretary of State provides by accepting the results
provided by the counties. These decisions should not be frivolous or provided on the fly. There are
significant costs to the taxpayers which is unfair.

In response, it was pointed out that the machines were adopted by the state legislature and are to be
used in all elections involving statewide offices and questions. This is not an issue that the local Board of elections has any authority over them.

The Board went into Executive Session.
Following the Executive session the Board reconvened:

Old Business
There was no Old Business.

New Business, an announcement was made that two items are being added to the November ballot
relating to the sale of alcohol in package stores and the SPLOST approval
Anne Brombaugh, the Attorney, reported on the status of the ballots after the previous elections. All ballots are sealed and can only be opened with a court order. There is active legal action with the Secretary of State’s office regarding this request but there have been no results thus far. To conduct a recount it must be ordered by the Secretary of State’s office. There is a need for policies to be written. Until it is written, there will be no action by this Board. There will be no hand count until the legal issues are resolved.

Anne Dover reported that a new position has been created in the office. Twenty-Two requests have
been received for additional information and will be tended to quickly. There is online training for all
poll workers scheduled before the November elections. The Cherokee Board of Elections has received
the Defenders of Democracy Award applauding the Election workers in Georgia.

Anne then spoke directly to those present about how she has been treated in the past months by
members of the public, in the office, on the streets of Cherokee County, and at her home. This has
caused her great anxiety. She has served in this position for many years and never has she experienced
anything of this nature. As Anne was talking, most of the public present left the room talking as they
went. Their disrespect was noted by the Chairman at the end.

*These meeting notes were prepared by a Peanut Gallery volunteer

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings?

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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