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Dekalb County Board of Elections and Registration meeting August

Meeting Called to Order 

Public Comments:
Elizabeth Burns: Thanks the board for being a leader in voting times and Sunday voting

Catherine Williams: Asks the board to ensure 21 early voting locations and two Sundays

Haqiqa Bolling: I’m concerned about the Chamblee precinct being at a police station

Gail Lee:
I just want to comment on the current political climate it was wise to take polling locations from schools

Alex Passe: As a precinct manager I ask that they consider that many poll managers and workers do not want to work at a police station.

Chana Harris: I would like to thank the board for their hard work Police precincts are not safe places for people of color in this country. Regardless of the Chamblee officers being good people, there is no way there cannot be intimidation here

Motion to approve Facility Use Agreement

Motion to approve the list of polling locations (List not shown)

Karli Swift: I would like to note my opposition to Chamblee 1 & 2 and propose to approve the list with exception of Chamblee
Motion to approve the list of polling locations with the exception of Chamblee
Passed 3-2

Voter challenge of 1,113 voters by Robert Smith
Motion to deny voter challenges for the failure of probable cause

Passed 3-2
Meeting Adjourned

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings?
These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law and your voice can help prevent voter suppression like this across the state!

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