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Fulton County to keep colleges as early voting locations 

Meeting Called to order

Motion to approve agenda
Agenda Adopted

Public Comments:

Jane Shaper: I’m here because of early voting and to ensure that early voting is spread equitably and on college campuses.

Alex Almes (unsure of the last name): I’m here today to ask to ensure that college campuses are early voting locations. As a student at Georgia Tech, I do not have a car, and many other students are in the same boat. Please consider this.
Melissa: Last month you guys announced leaving bad data registrations as pending. Those people are being counted in the budget. We should be saving money. We should be removing precincts. By the way, there is early voting at the high museum of art within walking distance from some colleges
Crafton Langley: My first concern is election safety. The QR codes on the ballots violate Georgia law that voters must be able to verify their vote, yet we still use them. Things like this give me little confidence.

Sandra Burkard:
I want to know why you’re trying to expand the early voting locations. These people asking for them are any of them willing to work? It cost a great deal of money. Your responsibility is not just to ensure access to voting, but to be responsible stewards of the taxpayers.
Mason Goodwin: (Student at GSU): Although we’ve seen a change in agenda, I would like to remind you of some things. Many students do not have cars or reliable transportation. Regarding funding and poll workers, by having students on campus work as poll workers you not only diminish costs but build a future generation of poll workers.
Margery Pock: I think with this election we need to be prepared to inform voters about the reduction in drop boxes

Candy: I would like to speak about getting rid of electronic voting machines. The scanners they use read a QR code we cannot verify
John Fortuna: Many students don’t have cars. We also have classes and jobs and as such depend on you to provide access to voting. We are also taxpayers and difficult access to voting is not the same as equitable access to voting

Monthly Operations Reports

Administration Report:
Director: Currently taking 35 applicants
Registration Manager: Currently in interviews
Voter education outreach specialist: Posted
Onboarded 60 workers that start Aug 2nd

Absentee Report:
Starting August 22nd voters can apply for a ballot
October 10th is the earliest they can be mailed
The ballots are being done manually so there will be no ballot tracking

Registration Report:
849,191 Registered voters
750,362 Active
98,829 Inactive
16,752 Applications received
296 Applications Processed
9,981 Address Changes
7,116 Removals

Polling place change request
Motion to move Fire station #17 to Cedar Grove Church of Christ

Early Voting proposal
36 Locations
Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

5 Outreach locations:
Atlanta Metropolitan – October 18th & 19th
Georgia Tech October 17th & 18th
Georgia State University October 18th & 19th
Georgia State Alpharetta Satellite October 17th & 18th
Morehouse College October 17th & 18th
Aaron Johnson: I would like to thank the staff for working hard to give access to all voters.

Motion to approve advance voting proposal


Voter Challenges:
First challenge is by a Mr. David Hubert

Challenge breakdown:
61 active voters
126 Inactive Voters
29 Cancelled due to moving out of state
Motion to move 187 voters to pending

The second challenge is by John Henson of 1 voter who, according to him looks like he’s registered at a business address
Mr. Frasure (challenged voter): I’m here to show the board I live in a house. I can show my driver’s license with the address of my house, I have a survey that shows my house is indeed a house. In case that isn’t enough, I have a picture that shows my house as a house. I got a permit from the city of Roswell that says my house is designated as RS30, defined as a single-family estate, in other words, a house. This is clearly retaliation.

Motion to reject the challenge

Executive Session

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