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Douglas County Board of elections meeting 9/8/22

Members present: Myesha Good (chair), Maurice Hurry (vice-chair), Robert Proctor, Kevin Evans,
Michele Crochetiere
Director: Milton Kidd
Felon letters—staff reported 53 letters have been sent to felons, instructing them on their rights and
documentation needed to register. No letters have been returned.
Office Operations

  1. M. Kidd reported: that they are recruiting poll workers; logic and accuracy testing will begin
    September 13; the composite November ballot is available on the county website and will be
    distributed to county facilities.
  2. A staff person reported they have received 1,400 absentee ballot applications. Ballots will be
    mailed on October 10.
  3. National Voter Registration Day—A staff person reported that in anticipation of National Voter
    registration Day, they will be working with high schools and colleges in the county to register
    students. They have a Student Ambassador Program in which students can participate in
    precinct activities during elections.
    From September 19-23, they will hold deputy registrar training for people participating in voter
    registration drives. The office will be visiting all nursing homes and assisted living facilities to
    drop off absentee ballot applications
    M. Goode asked if there are do’s and don’ts related to filling out applications. Kidd and staff
    emphasized that applicants need to provide phone numbers and email addresses so staff can
    contact them for missing information.
    Goode asked if colleges are informed of election and absentee ballot application processes. Kidd
    said they are. He also said all school systems have an employee who can register students.
    Responding to a question from M. Crochetiere, Kidd said 16 is the minimum age to be a poll
    R. Proctor asked if all high schools participate in the Student Ambassador Program. Kidd said
    they have in the past.
    M. Hurry asked when will all assisted living and nursing homes will be contacted. Kidd said
    within the next week or so.
    Old Business
    A staff person showed two slides to the board. He reviewed the key dates in the election process up
    through election day. The second slide showed the locations of the seven early voting sites, with the
    three offerings Saturday voting highlighted.
    New Business
    Kidd reported the Secretary of State’s Office investigated them for improper use of drop boxes during
    the June election. After responding to the SOS requests, they heard nothing further. They found out by
    chance that the Douglas County case was on the Stated Board’s consent agenda, which means there

were no findings. Kidd contacted the state to ask why they were not informed. He has not gotten a
Hurry asked if the county attorney has looked into the matter. The county attorney was present and said
he did not know they had not been contacted. He said he would ask Kidd for additional information to
check on it. Proctor said he watched that meeting and other counties on the consent agenda had not
been informed.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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