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Douglas County Board of elections meeting

Members present: Myesha Good (chair), Maurice Hurry (vice-chair), Michele Crochetiere, Kevin Evans,
Chad Word
Director: Milton Kidd

Election of officers
M. Kidd called the meeting to order. He announced Chad Word is replacing Robert Proctor on the board.
They voted on officers. M. Good and M. Hurry were reelected as the Chair and Vice-Chair.
Felon hearings—staff reported that because of changes in the voter registration system, the Secretary of
State’s Office will not send felon information out until after the new system is in place

Office operations

  1. A staff member reported the voter registration will be replaced by a new system GaRVIS. Staff
    will be trained on it in Athens in late January and early February. M. Crochetiere asks if he has
    any insight into how the new system will compare with the old one. He said the old one is ten
    years old, and GaRVIS should speed up the voting process, especially when verifying addresses.
  2. Municipal elections—Kidd reported qualifying fees for municipal offices are due on February 1.
    There are two cities in the county—Douglasville and Villa Rica. He said they will be making
    arrangements with Douglasville to handle their elections. In response to a question about ballot
    measures, Kidd said the cities have until August to add any measures to the ballot.
    Good asked if they have considered having early voting and election day voting in different
    locations. Because a number of sites offer both, it can cause confusion. Kidd responded that he
    understands the concern, but there are not enough suitable sites to have some dedicated only
    to early voting and others to only election day voting.
    Old business
    Kidd reported they are looking for space to house the entire elections department.

New business

  1. Staff reported the Church of Chapel Hill has opted out as a voting location. The site will be
    moved to Chapel Hill High School. Once finalized, they will notify affected voters. The change
    will not have an effect on this year’s election.
  2. A staff person reported that the office staff will attend the Georgia election officers association
    meeting in February in order to maintain their certification.
  3. Kidd noted that the board reviews its bylaws every two years. He said they have sent copies of
    the current bylaws to board members and asked that they suggest any needed changes at the
    February meeting.
    Executive session—the board went into an executive session to discuss a litigation matter.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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