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Douglass County Board of Elections meeting 3/9/23

Members present: Myesha Good (chair), Maurice Hurry (vice-chair), Michele Crochetiere, Kevin Evans,
Chad Word
Director: Milton Kidd

Office operations
M. Kidd and staff made the following announcements:
? Staff attended the GABEO conference from February 13-15. They received training on legislative
and regulatory updates.
? On March 22, they will participate in a community event at a senior center where they will show
how to use voting equipment and give updates on voting matters.
? GARVIS is operational. They are in an evaluation and improvement period at this time.
? They will be doing maintenance on the voting equipment, over 1,000 pieces.
? M. Kidd has offered to meet with both political parties to discuss issues the board is addressing
and give updates on policy and legislative changes. The Democratic Party has invited him to a
meeting. He has not heard from the Republicans.
? The Board of Commissioners is holding a Citizens Academy in which each department provides
an overview of their functions and responsibilities. The elections office will make a presentation
on April 25 at 6 pm.
? An elementary school has invited them to a career day, which they will attend.
? They have begun meeting with area managers to prepare for the Douglasville and Villa Rica
municipal elections.

Old business
Staff reported they have met with county staff to discuss the options for getting new space.

New business
Staff reported they will be attending training in March and April related to systems they operate:
EPULSE on April 25; and the campaign financial management software on March 29.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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