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Whitfield Board of Elections Meeting 4/18/23

Members present:  Stephen Kelehear (chair), Carol Byers, Rob Cowan

Registrar: Shaynee McClure was absent, Heath Frazier filled in for her

C. Byers asked for an update on the status of an issue that came up in the March meeting. Two people with the same name and address were registered to vote and had different voter ID numbers.

 H. Frazier: they investigated and found these were two different people: They had different middle initials and Social Security numbers, and driver’s license numbers but lived at the same address.

The City of Varnell special election—Frazier reported only one person qualified for the open office, so they will not have an election. S. Kelehear said there will not be any elections until November.

Before adjourning, a person in the audience was recognized. He said he had a list of 22 registered voters who are over 100 years old. He noted 10 of them have voted since 2020. One voter, who voted in 2016, was shown to be 223 years old according to the voter files. Kelehear and Frazier said they would show the list to S. McClure when she returns. R. Cowan asked why the audience did not bring it to McClure, complaining that this person was playing “Gotcha.” Kelehear noted the office is open from 8:00 to 5:00 every day, and this sort of issue should be brought to the staff. Byers said the staff can not check the details for each of the 54,000 registered voters in the county.

The audience member objected to the “Gotcha” criticism. He said he would meet with the director in the future. And he noted he has a list of 541 people over 95. He said he was not criticizing the staff but the ERIC system.

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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