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Whitfield BOE 6/8/23

Members present:  Stephen Kelehear (chair), Carol Byers, Rob Cowan

Registrar: Shaynee McClure

Old business

Precinct 5A—S. McClure reported there has been a delay in receiving new precinct cards showing the new polling location. She expects they will get them shortly. C. Byers said she had seen the announcement about the new polling location in the paper. 

New Business

  1. Challenge Hearings—S. Kelehear thanked those individuals who had helped them clean up the voting rolls. McClure reported that 19 people are registered at the same location, a UPS store located at 1323 Walnut Ave, Dalton. She said they sent letter to these persons, letting them that they need to use their residence address for voter registration purposes. Nineteen individuals either did not respond or the letter was returned. 

The board voted on each person, removing them from the voter rolls.

After going through the list, McClure said they will send each person a letter letting them know the board canceled their voter registration. It will contain a voter application and make clear they will need to show their residential address.

  1. November elections—McClure reviewed the November elections with the board: Whitfield County will have two questions related to taxes; Cohutta will have two council seats and two questions; Dalton will have three education board members, two council members, the mayor, and two questions; Tunnel Hill will have two council positions and two questions; and Varnell will have three council positions.
  2. Coroner resignation—McClure reported the probate judge will appoint a replacement for the vacant coroner position. They will not have to hold a special election.


There were questions and comments from the audience on several matters.

  • A person asked how the voters who had the UPS addresses were identified. McClure said it was brought to their attention by someone outside the office. A person in the audience said they reviewed the voter rolls for persons showing their residence at a business.
  • A person thanked the board for taking action on those with the UPS addresses. Kelehear said they got busy in 2020  and became “slack.”
  • Kelehear pointed out an AJC article that there will be “security health checks” on the equipment and software. McClure said they will take place late summer or early fall. An audience member asked if a non-employee can be part of the security check. McClure said she would have to check with the Sec of State’s office.
  • An audience member asked if they had any evidence anyone voted who shouldn’t have voted. Kelehear and McClure responded there was no evidence anyone voted who shouldn’t have voted.

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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