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Cobb County Board of Elections meeting 6/12/2023

Tori Silas Opens the meeting to order at 3:00 pm

BOE members Steven Buring (1st) and Jessica Brooks (2nd) move to approve the agenda and the rest of the board affirms.

Board member Jessica Brooks is absent.

Public comment
Pamela W (county resident) – Comments on Post Office ballot tracking, Delivery methods (P.O Boxes),
non-deliverables, and mail forwarding. Also, the Secretary of State’s Bi-annual Voter role clean up in
August, health checks on equipment. Offers assistance with voter role clean up through independent

Board Member Tori Silas asks residents to clarify what organization she represents.

The resident explains she is part of a group of “concerned citizens.”

Board Members motion to approve and second May 8th, 24th, and June 1st meetings minutes

Board introduces a presentation from the Audit Department (Latona Thomas) on a review of the absentee ballot process. This presentation reviews the absentee voting process and ballot requests using data from January to March 2023. This review was requested by the BOE due to two issues encountered during the November 2022 general election.

BOE member Steve Bruning asks if the department produced a report that identifies all of the reports
that should be generated as they went along.

Latonia answered that the department did not and used a list of recommendations based their
responses that they went over with them.

BOE member Tori Silas
provides a high-level overview of the presentation and clarifies that a report will be provided to all BOE members.

Additional announcements: Pat Garland and Jessica Brooks are to have their final term on BOE this month after about 8 years of service.

Executive Session

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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