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Douglas Co BOE 10/12/23

Members present: Maurice Hurry (vice-chair), Chad Word, Kevin Evans
Director: Milton Kidd

Office operations
M. Kidd and staff gave the following report:
? Kidd said on Sept 14 they met with school board officials about using Chapel Hill High School as
a polling site, starting in 2024. The board approved a motion to take an intergovernmental
agreement to the county commission. The board also approved moving the current polling
location from Chapel Hill Church to Chapel Hill High School in 2024.
? Kidd and a staff person reported they had received the voter files today and will be able to use
poll pads for the election. The late arrival of the files was a concern. Kidd said they have a
backup plan but the poll pads should work.
? Staff reported they have completed poll worker training.
? Staff reported they will start sending out absentee ballots on Oct 16. She said they will be open
for advanced voting from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday, and 9:00 to 5:00 on the two
Saturdays, Oct 21 and 28.

Old business
Kidd said they can take off the table a discussion from the previous meeting about removing voters
from the rolls. C. Ward had identified 14 obituaries that appeared to be for persons enrolled to vote.
Seven persons are in the NGE and No Contact processes, and 7 are not. M. Hurry said he would like
to leave the matter tabled because two board members were not present. An attorney who has
done research was present.
C. Ward, who brought up the issue at the last meeting, said he could agree to not taking it off the
table and to see how the NGE and No Contact processes played out. However, he said he wants the
board to take responsibility for those cases not covered by the current processes, i.e., the 7 voters
not in the NGE and No Contact processes.
Ward asked when the latest NGE and No Contact removal processes will be complete. A staff person
said they should be complete by sometime in December.
Kidd asked the attorney if he could give a general overview of his findings. The attorney said there
are procedures for the vital records registrar to provide death information to the Secretary of State
who can use it to remove voters the rolls, and the law provides for hearings for those voters called
into question.
Ward asked if, since GARVIS, they have been getting statistical reports (presumably pertaining to
deaths) from the state. Kidd said they have been getting reports, but they have not been consistent.
Kidd asked the lawyer what the law says about removing persons who have died from the rolls. The
lawyer said there are three options: 1. The vital records registrar provides information on deaths to the SOS, which is outside the board’s domain. 2. Voter challenges on individuals by the board. 3.
Code section 21-2-231 allows for other types of information on a voter’s death that the board can
consider, such as a signed statement from a family member, verified death certificate, and other
sources mentioned in the law. Ward asked if the board could request documents from the vital
records office. The attorney said he would check and get back to them.

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