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Whitfield County Board of Elections 11/9/23

Members present: Carol Byers, Rob Cowan

Registrar: Shaynee McClure

Old business

R. Cowan thanked the staff for their efforts. He said the election went well. 

He said the elections will be certified Nov 13 at 8:00 am.

New business

  1. Cowan said there will be a runoff for a position on the Dalton school board. S. McClure said early voting will be Nov 27 to Dec 1.
  2. Fincher polling location—McClure and staff said that the manager of the Fincher polling location does not want to continue offering it as a voting site, however, there is confusion about whether she has the authority to do so. Staff said they are checking with the county about who owns the site. If the county owns it, they will likely continue using it. If not, they may need to change the location. Cowan said they will have more information in December.


A person in the audience asked about 44 miscounted ballots in the 2020 election. McClure said they will check with the previous registrar. C. Byers said she recalled that the election was audited, and there was a discrepancy between the hand count and the machine count. She and staff said another recount showed the discrepancy came from human error in the hand count, but they will check to make sure.

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