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Douglas County Board of Elections 1/11/24

Members present: Myesha Good (chair), Maurice Hurry (vice-chair), Chad Word, Kevin Evans, Michele Crochetiere  

Director: Milton Kidd

Office operations

  • Staff reported there will be a special election for Senate District 30 on February 13. This is because of new boundaries set through redistricting. She gave the qualifying dates for the candidates. Staff also gave the early voting dates and the Saturday dates for the state senate seat election. It will be certified on February 16.
  • Staff gave a presentation on how they do logic and accuracy testing. He emphasized it will be open to the public. Board members had several questions including the chain of custody and how they handle emergencies when equipment does not work during election.
  • A staff person passed out and briefly discussed PowerPoint presentations on area manager training, setting up poll pads, advanced voting poll worker training, and election day poll worker training. 

Old business

Code of Conduct—M. Kidd and two attorneys led a discussion of the latest draft of a code of conduct. The sections were I. Background, II. A. General Purpose Provision, B. Impartiality/Conflicts of Interest, C. Protection of Confidential Information, D. Representation, E. Political Activity Limitations and Reporting on Contact with Advocacy Groups or Political Parties, F. Penalties for Violations, G. Staff Workflow Protocols.

M. Crochetiere raised questions about several of the provisions being unclear. After discussion, wording changes were made in three sections: they made clear a member cannot speak for the board in an official capacity without board approval; members are asked to report discussions with political parties or advocacy groups to the board only if those discussions relate to the current agenda; and board members cannot issue a directive to staff to perform tasks, but can make requests to the director, deputy director, or the director’s designee. 

With these changes, the board unanimously approve the code of conduct.

Letters to Concerned Departments—Kidd noted the board tabled approving letters from the board chair to officials concerning reporting deaths of voters. He said letters to three entities pointed out that they found voters who might have been deceased still on the rolls. The letters asked the recipients to identify employees they could discuss this matter with in more detail. The letters were to the state Department of Health, Douglas County Probate Court, and the Georgia Elections Division.

The board unanimously approved them. 

Executive Session

The board went into executive session to discuss pending legal proceedings and a pending judicial matter. When they came out, a motion was made to send a complaint to the Judicial Qualification Commission (they did not discuss the content of the complaint). 

The motion passed, three for (Good, Hurry, Evans), one opposed (Word), and one abstaining (Crochetiere).

Director’s concerns

Kidd asked the board for permission to send a letter to the Secretary of State’s Office concerning the way that office is handling the February 13 special election brought about by redistricting changes. He said they initially had until February 9 to complete their voter file, but the deadline was moved up to January 17. With early voting starting January 22, they will not have time to notify voters of the changes. Many will not be aware there will be an election. In response to a question, he said it will affect 10 precincts, about 54,000 persons.

The board voted unanimously to support him in sending the letter

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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