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Whitfield County Board of Elections Meeting 1/11/24

Members present: Sparky Kelehear, Carol Byers, Rob Cowan

Registrar: Shaynee McClure

Old business

S. McClure reported that the Fincher polling location is not in good shape and could not be prepared for the March election. She said they are checking on moving the polling site to Hopewell Baptist Church, a short distance from Fincher.

New business

  1. March 12 election—McClure gave the dates for early voting and receiving absentee ballots for the Presidential Preference Primary. She says they are recruiting poll workers but should be able to meet the need.
  2. Logic and accuracy testing—McClure said L&A testing for the March 12 election will begin on January 30.
  3. Local candidate qualifying fees—McClure said the county commissioners passed a resolution setting qualifying fees for local elections. Qualifying for the primary will be March 4—8.
  4. SPLOST question—McClure said the county commissioners passed a resolution to put a SPLOST question on the May 21 ballot. 
  5. Straw poll questions—McClure said the political parties have to submit straw poll questions by March 8 for the May 21 ballot.

Audience questions and discussion

One audience member asked about auditing voter registration. He asked who removes the names of voters who have moved or died. McClure said the county manages the voter rolls. She said the state may remove some names if they receive a notice from the Social Security Administration and other sources but implied those are few in number. 

Another person asked for an explanation of removing a deceased family member from the rolls. McClure went over the process.

A person asked if the staff can monitor monthly changes in the voter rolls to determine to determine the causes of registration surges or removals. McClure said she will check on it but is not aware of a means to make those assessments, at this point. She said she can discuss it with that person later. 

An audience member said he is concerned the county voter rolls are “networked with the Secretary of State.”

A person said Biden says immigrants have to be given drivers licenses. He asked about the process of registering persons who apply with the Department of Drivers Services.  McClure said they always check to determine citizenship with sources such as SSA.

An audience member asked how they verified addresses of new registrants. McClure said if an address falls outside of known addresses, they check with the GIS system. If the address can not be confirmed, they flag it, as “pending incorrect address.”

An audience member asked about “NGOs” who register voters. McClure said all groups who register voters have to receive training.

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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