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Dekalb Board of Elections Meeting 4/11/2024


Chair Karli Swift– present 

Vice Chair Vasu Abhiraman – present  

Nancy Jester – arrived 4:55 

Susan Motter – present 

Tony Lewis – absent 


3 – 0 


From March 18, 2024 Scheduled Meeting – approved 

Previously approved Feb 10, 2024 Special Call meeting – amended to reflect Nancy Jester had  been absent – approved 


Clint Monroe, Stone Mountain resident: Thinks people in his community are not aware they  will have new candidate choices due to redistricting. 

Betsy Shackleford, poll worker: Says there are many reasons voter rolls may appear  inaccurate. Assures public that poll workers verify all voters at the polls. Wish legislators  would quit putting up obstacles to voting. 

Gail Lee: says counties are charged with running elections and maintaining voter rolls – and  thinks DeKalb doesn’t maintain voter rolls adequately. Wishes they would prioritize cleaning  rolls over things like translating voter materials into different languages. Claims that “34,000  people voted before they were registered.” 

Vic Tripp: Claims there are voters on DeKalb rolls with “false addresses” and says this could  be due to first-degree voter fraud. Says Runbeck could be guilty of 21-2-594 for delivering  ballots to unauthorized persons, and that DeKalb Elections could be guilty of 212-604 for  “soliciting election fraud” by asking Runbeck to send out such ballots. Says those receiving  ballots erroneously could be guilty under 21-2-574. He says the county would be  responsible for such fraud per §21-2-226 and 21-2-228. Mentions the felonious nature of  each offense.  


A. Director’s Report (p. 8)

Director Smith reviewed how many registered voters were on the rolls, how many applications  were due to be processed, etc. Because there are more registered voters, DeKalb is allowed to  increase its number of dropboxes, and will install one at the Linwood precinct. Smith reminded  the public that getting Absentee Ballot applications and ballots in by deadlines will be hard due  to slow mail delivery and that they should submit ASAP. 

Smith said LAT for the May 21 election is ongoing, and that they are proofreading about 1,500  ballot styles. She said DeKalb received precinct cards from SOS on April 4, and that DeKalb is proofing them and mailing them to voters. DeKalb will also send letters to voters whose polling  place has changed. DeKalb conducted an RLA of the Republican Presidential Primary, and 100%  of the 11,055 ballots sampled were accurate. Poll worker training for managers and assistant  managers is now longer and includes hands-on experiences on equipment and training on filling  out forms. The department is recruiting workers with a focus on serving North DeKalb  precincts. Through partner organizations, they recently registered 225 students in high schools.  

DeKalb will hire Profile PR to do email blasts and social media communications, and prepare  evergreen voting materials.  

In May, DeKalb will be using Qminder to track visitor check-ins.  

Motter: Because of redistricting, it’s important that voters check MVP to be sure of their  precincts. 

Jester: Wishes in the future that Director Smith will include voter registration stats in the  information packet.  

Abhiraman: Explains for the public the meaning of RLA, and gets confirmation that there were  zero Republican ballots at one of the precincts because no one at the precinct voted in the  Republican Primary. Suggests the DeKalb Elections website could explain where voters can view sample ballots.  

Swift: Says 75% of DeKalb voters were affected by redistricting. 

Smith: The office has a limited number of mail machines, which limits how quickly registration  cards can be mailed out.  

B. Legislative Update 

Aey. Tristan Waite says none of four voting bills that passed have been signed by Gov. Kemp: HB974, requires watermarked ballots. 

HB1270, allows candidates to proofread ballots. (In fact HB1207 is the relevant bill) SB212, ends authority for probate court judges to conduct duBes related to elections. SB189, she says, “This reduces the Bme to call certain special elections from 90 days to 29  days.”

Abhiraman said SB189 was about much more than special elections. Aey Terry Phillips  responded that they’d learn more about the bill if Gov. Kemp signs it. 


A. Contract Signing Authority  

Andy Phillips describes a measure to allow the Director Smith to execute contracts up to $50,000. 

Jester and Phillips discussed whether the measure covered aggregation (the hiring of a vendor  multiple times under the threshold amount, yet cumulatively exceeding the threshold amount). Abhiraman moves to authorize the measure, as amended by attorneys. Motter seconds.  Passes 5 – 0 

B. Dominion Contract  

Both DeKalb and Dominion have been acting as if the 2020 contract (on p. 12 of the packet)  were in place – but neither party can find a copy of it. The board discusses “raBficaBon” to fix  this problem. Aey Phillips says he will research this more to be sure of where figures came from  and for accuracy. 

Motter moves to ratify the 2020 contract. 

Motter says that, in 2020, board members couldn’t see contracts or lots of other financial  information, and commends the current board and Director for increasing transparency. 

Vote to ratify the contract 

Passes 5 – 0. 




Many parBes are thanked. Motter remarks on renovations to Elections offices. Jester  commends the board and director on improved accountability. Abhiraman mentions the TV  screen which will allow the public to see documents during meetings. 



*These meeting notes were prepared by a volunteer

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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