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Coffee Board of Elections Meeting 6/3/2024

Called to Order

Coffee BOE wants to get out info about who can/can’t vote in the runoff and why; Supervisor says that if someone comes in and wants to vote that doesn’t qualify, they will let them vote provisionally; The public is also confused about how a Primary works and why certain names weren’t on their ballot
Reconciliation was apparently an issue?

Scanner had issues and kept freezing up on election night; Does scanner need to be serviced or does Coffee need to get a service contract with Dominion? 2 Dominion techs were present in Coffee during 2020 election night in case of technical issues.

County is looking into STEP program (student workers)
Coffee BOER website is outdated so best practices to get things approved and updated is needed
BOER chair wants a camera inside of the room with election equipment

In November, more machines will be required by law so the BOER may possibly need to hire an additional officer for security; will need 1 machine for every 250 active voters per precinct
Public comment regarding BOER legal representation and getting independent council

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