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Old Business

As the first order of business, the Macon-Bibb Board of Elections discussed moving the location of the board of elections to the Hutchings Career Center to cut costs. The rent at their current facility is quite expensive. The board is still working out the kinks of the plan and waiting for approval from the board of education.

The board scheduled a board of elections workshop on September 30th from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. which will be strictly educational and therefore closed to the public.

The board put forth and then approved the motion to amend their bylaws concerning the fifth, nonpartisan board member. The amended bylaws will allow any member of the board to serve as chairperson or vice chairperson whereas previously the chairperson or vice chairperson had to be one of the four partisan board members.

The bylaws were also amended–given the new changes–to include new language that ensured that the offices of chairperson and vice chairperson still could not both be held by members of the same party.

The board of elections will appear in front of the Bibb County Congressional delegation as soon as possible to ensure that the fifth member is always nonpartisan.

New Business

The board approved the language for the special-purpose local-option sales tax to appear on the ballot this fall.

The board is requesting to be on the local legislation calendar for whenever they meet–in October or November–to discuss 1969 Ga. Laws (Act No. 415), page 3331, § 13.

*Executive Session* (Members of the public are prohibited from attending the “executive session” of any meeting. An “executive session” is most frequently called to discuss personnel matters.)

Other Business

The board discussed a need to replace obsolete voting machinery (electronic ballot boxes).

The Ethics Commission updated the board on the success of their most recent meeting and of the attendance of elected officials at that meeting.

The board discussed items from the attorney, including the upcoming 2013 Special Election Case.

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