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This was a regularly scheduled meeting. On the agenda were updates regarding financial and administrative operations, the process for verifying newly registered voters, including citizenship verification, and changes to precinct locations.

  • The board approved the removal of names from the voter list, due to felony convictions

August Operations Report

  • Director Barron noted that IT meetings began last week, in order to prepare for the election. There will be five participating municipalities in the election.
  • On August 28, 78,000 no contact notices were mailed out that inform parties that they have two different addresses on file and ask them to confirm which is accurate.
  • Fulton County Consent Order authorized two new contracts for county board of elections, one of which is EZ vote, an inventory management system
  • Inventory management system will be in place for November election, with employee training to be completed by January
  • The board has been assigned a project manager, Greg Whitten of the Secretary of State’s office.

Citizenship Verification

  • Registration Chief Shauna Dozier noted that according to the new system, first-time registered voters will need to provide one of a variety of forms of ID to be registered
  • Current process is being streamlined to only require additional citizenship verification if they’re not cleared through the normal process
  • Still have issues with currently registered voters who have been flagged as non-citizens. Board Member David Burge (R) notes that the state is uncomfortable with this.  “That is what the state doesn’t want to talk to us about.”

Location and Boundary Changes

  • A school was undergoing renovations and so was temporarily moved. Now the board will move back to the original location.
  • Proposal to move one precinct from Wale Bridge, to Georgia State University, and another to a Lutheran Church. This proposal would take in 5000 additional voters.
  • Proposal to move Ponce De Leon Baptist Church precinct back to Peachtree Hills. It was moved to the church temporarily because the original location was temporarily unable to accommodate the precinct.
  • Proposal to move another to Central United Methodist Church–and another into Crabapple Government Center.
  • Proposal to move Creekview Elementary School and another precinct to Georgia State University.
  • All of these precinct boundary changes were subsequently approved.


Meeting concluded with an approval to purchase additional electronic voting machines

09.10.15 Fulton County Board of Elections Meeting Agenda

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