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In attendance:

Herbert Spangler (Board Member, R)

Mike “Mike” Kaplan (Board Member, I)

Cassandra Powell (Board Member, D)

Rinda Wilson (Chairperson, R)

Jeanetta Watson (Elections Supervisor)

Tommy Gillon (Elections Officer)

Larry Smith (Senior technician)

Old Business

The board continued discussion on relocating the board of elections office. Cooney is ill and so is no longer involved.

Dale Walker called Mike Kaplan and left a message saying that they are moving forward with the Shoe Carnival Building in the parking lot of Westgate Mall.

The building is about 1,270 square feet. The board wanted at least 1,500 square feet but 1,270 square feet is bigger than what the board has now.

Elections Supervisor Watson cautioned the board that the decision had not yet been confirmed; the board does not even know the cost of rent for the space. The board was told not to plan on being moved by the beginning of December.

Member Spangler noted that the board has been working on relocation for two and half years and still has not received an answer. Member Kaplan suggested that Chairperson Wilson call the mayor’s office and set up a meeting with Dale Walker present. Chairperson Wilson will be calling the mayor first thing in the morning.

In accordance with the law, the board must know the location of the new space by December 8th in order to notify voters by the deadline.

Julie Moore (Budget and Strategic Planning in the mayor’s office)

  • suggested that the board go to Dale Walker and schedule a meeting
  • said that the mayor’s office was concerned about the parking at Virginia College
  • noted that Mr. Brown (contractor for the building) said that he would be able to meet the date deadline at Shoe Carnival
  • noted that she was unsure about the build-out time at the college
  • clarified that rent at Shoe Carnival is $4.00/square foot (probably including build-out) and Virginia College is $2.50/square foot (not including build-out)
  • said that she was scheduling an appointment for the board with Dale Walker next week–going to the mayor is unnecessary

New Business

O.C.G.A 21-2-90 Appointment of Poll Managers

  • There are thirty three (33) trained poll managers for the upcoming election.
  • motion to approve by Member Powell; Member Spangler seconded the motion

Electronic Candidate Qualifying

  • With this system, the board would process the candidates’ information and the candidates would only have to sign to be qualified.
  • The system connects to the ethics website after the candidate has registered with the party.
  • This new electronic system does ballot building automatically.
  • Elections Supervisor Watson is going to talk to the Democratic Party of Georgia (and possibly the Republican Party) to make sure that all parties are aware of this new qualifying method, tested throughout last year and proven to work

Other Business

Copy of Election Update 10.09.15 & Copy of Express Poll Status

  • Every eight (8) years the state deletes voters who haven’t voted in two (2) general elections (Elections Supervisor Watson says about 1,900 individuals in Macon-Bibb fall into that category).
  • The deleting has been delayed until after the November 3rd election.
  • Inactive voters can vote, becoming active as soon as they vote again (voters go into this status if they have not voted in some years), but a deleted voter has to re-register.

Items from the Supervisor

  • Active Voter Totals: 74,494
  • Inactive Voter Totals: 20,574 (can vote now and turn active)
  • Total Registered Voters in Macon Bibb: ninety-five thousand, sixty-eight (95,068)
  • the board is curious how many people are eligible to vote but not registered
  • SOS 2 NGE transfer to delete status delayed

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