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Election of Officers for 2016

a. Chairman – Board unanimously elected Walter Blankenship

b. Vice Chairman – Board unanimously elected Bishop Williams

Supervisor’s Report

a. Office Activity Report: Equipment test took place January 4th and 5th. Machines are ready for voters. Dougherty County has twenty-eight precincts. ALL will be open this year with state and federal candidates on the ballots. Last year, high school students worked the express polls. The board notes that it was a great experience. Plans to reach out to Mrs. Chun to make sure that job opening is on the Dougherty County website, so the board can take any new students if they want to be a part of the process.

Future Planning

a. Precinct managers – The board sent postcards to the previous poll managers to alert them to the job openings

b. Training Dates – Express poll training: 2/8, 2/9, 2/11, 2/15, 2/16, and 2/18 from 6pm – 7pm. Clerk know that elections are coming up. Making sure they are prepared as far as staffing. Had a precinct change last year: Precinct 4 Church of Christ–the church is no longer willing to be used as a voting location. Greenbriar Church offered to let the board use their facility. Voters for that precinct have been notified and received a new precinct card to memorialize the change.

Manager’s training: 2/22 6pm – 7pm


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