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Dougherty County Board of Elections Meeting 06/24/21

Word of Prayer 

Approval of earlier minutes 

Move to approve. 


Certification of June 15th Special Election 

We closed out with no provisions cast on election day, so these are current. 

Public Comment  

Possible Closing of polling precinct. We are not closing precincts, but we will be moving as they asked us too. 

Male Speaker: I got a call about Albany State and Turner Elementary closure.  

Answer: We have had no serious discussion about that, and no action has been made. 

Male Speaker continued: Also, about the list for voter purges. Are we contacting them to get re-registered?  

Ms. Matty: I was glad to hear that no closures were made yet. 

Mr. Williams: Precincts will be discussed today or in the coming weeks. Universities and schools.  

James Williams

Litman cathedral 

Shiloh Baptist Church 

Deer miller  

Turner Elementary 

Lovett Hall 

We are asking that you consider these 8000 voters when you decide on closures. 

Tim Wesselman: I understand that the last meeting was consideration. I would like to ask the reason the discussion went forward.  

I would like to ask what the criteria for closures, and will we look at maps when you discuss. 

Also, are we making sure these closures do not affect one demographic disproportionately? 

Joshua Anthony: I am 18, not the oldest person in the room. We are talking about younger voters they have no incentive. In the age of technology, we are not reaching out enough to platforms we do not normally check. I suggest that we have a STRONG push towards teenage voters you know 18 or 19 because they FEEL that they are not being looked after. 

Supervisors Report 

Reports for last day of elections. Two issues we had were that 2 precincts did not have air conditioning. Other than that, and minimal seal issues the day went smoothly. 

Future Planning 

Runoff on July 13th 

We have 2 precinct managers on vacation, and we are still looking to fill one of those roles. 

New location for precinct 27 First Christian Church    

First Christian Church no longer desires to be a precinct. We will merge precinct 27 to precinct 5 which is Westover High School. 

Discussion of Senate Bill 202 

A voter can now be challenged up until election day. If there is not enough time for a hearing, then that voter will have to vote a challenged provisional ballot.  

This could be a logistical nightmare if handled incorrectly. 

Under Senate Bill 202 You may only vote provisionally out of County from 5:00PM to 7:00PM 

Meeting Adjourned

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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