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In attendance:

Alice O’Lenick (Chairwoman)

Stephen W. Day (Vice Chairman)

Beauty Baldwin

Ben Satterfield

John Mangano


Kristi Royston (Assistant Elections Supervisor)

Kelli Persons (League of Women Voters)

Comments from the public

Citizen 1: I just notice that when we have elections, the polling places aren’t identified well. And a lot of people don’t know or forget that elections are taking place.

Chairman O’Lenick and Assistant Supervisor Royston indicate that the board has been and continues to work on expanding notification methods.

Vice Chairman Day: our turnout was 41% and turnout overall in the state was 46%. There’s something imbedded that’s bigger than what’s happening here regarding issues trying to get people to turn out and be civically engaged. Any ideas that you’ve got, that with a little bit of an advertising budget would expand our capacity to reach people here, we’d be happy to hear about.

Kelli Persons (League of Women Voters): We do a nonpartisan get out the vote drive called “Post the Peach.” It’s a social media push to get out the vote. If you’re interested, we’d be more than willing to loop you guys into that.

Citizen 2: on the voter registration form, it now has your “A Number”(alien ID number), which makes no sense because if you’re voting, you’re already a citizen. My concern is that immigrants may believe that they can’t vote if they don’t have that A Number anymore, which immigrants no longer have a reason to keep a record of once they’ve received citizenship.

Assistant Supervisor Royston: Even though you’re a citizen, if you list your A Number, registration officials can key that number in to ensure that you are a citizen.

Old Business

Vice Chairman Day: [let’s talk about] the idea of volunteers to help us run elections [which presumably came up in the last meeting].

Chairwoman O’Lenick: we’re putting on our website that poll workers are needed and can be trained online. That’s basically what we’ve done [to that end], so far.

New Business

Polling Location Contracts

Facility name: Grafted Church. Same location as before, just a new name.

Forrest Hills Mountain View Baptist Church. Same location before, just a new mailing address.

Election Supervisors Update

  1. Community Outreach
  2. Investigation of Minority Discrimination

*Elections Supervisor Lynn Ledford isn’t in attendance because she’s out sick.

  1. Assistant Supervisor Royston: I did speak with Lynn earlier on the phone today. We did not specifically talk about the community outreach initiatives.
  2. This was not a formal complaint that was filed. Lynn was made aware of a comment and conversation that took place on Election Day. Lynn intends to get information on this issue to the board in the near future.






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