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Donna McLeod: there is a lack of empathy for people in this county. A lot of people in the county working shift jobs. 3am-3pm, etc. 7am-7pm. Not being flexible on the early voting hours is ridiculous, especially given the large volume of people living in the county.

The board also needs to be more flexible regarding the location of these polling stations.

*Board noted that they would be looking into these two issues.*

Logistics & Analysis Testing

A few machines weren’t working properly. Pattern testing issues. They fixed the two machines that weren’t working. Now all the machines are working fine.

Community Outreach

The board is finishing voter education fliers that they’ll be handing out.

Investigations of Minority Discrimination

A Gwinnett County poll worker made a derogatory comment to a volunteer Spanish translator who came to the polls on election day to assist Spanish-speaking voters in reading the ballots.

According to Jerry Gonzalez (Executive Director, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials)  “[The poll worker] said ‘if they don’t speak English, we don’t want them here’ meaning we don’t want them voting at this precinct.”

Gonzalez filed a formal complaint. The poll worker was let go.

Election Worker Fired After Comment

Board of Elections Meeting Location, Going Forward

Chairwoman Lynn Ledford: the current meeting space is being renovated. Won’t be as much parking at this space (Judicial Center). Can’t go back to the original board office because it’s too small. Will continue to have meetings in this space (Judicial Center).


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