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Upson County Board of Elections and Registrations Meeting 2-6-20

On 2-6-20, the Upson County Board of Elections and Registration met for their monthly meeting. All Board Members and the Election Supervisor, Pam Releford were present. Minutes from the meeting are as follows:

Call to Order: Chairman, Robert Haney called the meeting to order.

Invocation: Board Member, Jessica Jones gave the invocaiton.

Secretary’s Report: Motion by Jack Grubb, Second by Janice Bennett to approve the minutes from the January 9, 2020 meeting. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Public Comments: There were citizens that attended the meeting but they were just there to observe. No comments were made.

Old Business: Robert updated the Board about the new voting equipment. He stated that we had received most of our equipment and he will begin checking it in with the new Easy Vote app for inventory purposes. He also gave an update on how the poll worker training was going. We still have two more trainings this month for Election Day precincts. Mr. Haney also stated that he did some demos at Kiwanis Club meeting this week and will be doing a demo at the Retired Teacher Association on Thursday, Feb. 13th.

New Business: The Board discussed changing their meeting dates in the By Laws. Motion was made by Jessica Jones, Second by Jack Grubb to change the Election Board Meetings to the 3rd Tuesday of each month in even numbered years and the 3rd Tuesday of the month of each quarter in odd numbered years in the Election By Laws. Motion passed unanimously.

Board Chairman, Robert Haney, updated the Board on the Election Calendar for the upcoming March Presidential Preference Primary.

Robert also updated the Board regarding Poll Workers being added to the County Payroll. This is something that the County Manager and the Finance Officer wants to see happen. We will be starting this process immediately.

Board Member Comments: There were none.

Next Board Meeting: March 30, 2020 to certify the March 24th PPP election.

Adjourn: Motion by Jessica Jones, Second by Jack Grub to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.

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