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Newton County Board of Elections Meeting 2-10-20 4:00pm

Newton County Board of Elections Meeting 2-10-20 4:00pm

The following includes notes taken by a Peanut Gallery volunteer as a public service only. Contact the Newton County Board of Elections for questions or official information.

Official Minutes –

– Minutes from January were approved.
– The motion carried to remove challenged deceased voters for the election list.
– Precinct change – County Line Baptist Church can no longer accommodate the county as a polling location after March. Mr. Johnson is working with the church to use the facility due to legal requirements until after the July 21,2020 runoff, but the board will need to find another location before November.
– Supervisors Report – as of Feb. 3, 2020 Newton County Active Voters – 74,971 and Inactive Voters – 3,687
There were 2,282 voter registration applications received in January 2020, and the office processed 665 transferred out-of-county voters and 51 cancellations.
– Poll worker training goes from 2-10-20 to 2-24-20
– Advance voting begins 3-2-20
– Absentee ballots have been tested and are mailing daily.
Guest Comments
– Ms. Dauby asked about privacy screens and the concern of others being able to view the touchscreen while voting is taking place. She has heard that South Georgia counties who ran pilot elections, the screens do not solve privacy problems because it’s easy to see your vote from 15-20 feet away. Picture your polling place – voters entering, standing in line, walking to their station could all see your vote. Poll workers and observers at their stations or walking about could see your vote. The blue privacy screens help with side to side privacy – but not the more serious problem of the view from across the room. The GA Constitution guarantees absolute ballot secrecy. Statutes make protecting ballot secrecy the responsibility of local Election Boards. By law, the Secretary of State was not allowed to purchase ballot marking tablets that can’t protect ballot secrecy.
– Mr. Hesterley glad for new voting equipment demonstrations and asked when he could see. Demonstrations are available at Board of Elections office daily Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

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