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Clarke County Board of Elections meeting 3/14/23

The meeting called to order 5:16pm

Public Comments


Director’s Report

Monthly update of voters

83,388 total registered voters

70,588 Active voters

12,800 Inactive voters

7 Deceased

14 moved

March 21st election update


Poll worker training was held from Feb 20th – 25th

We trained 55 workers 8 of whom were managers

We have gotten our check-in rate with the poll pads down to about 39 seconds per voter.

Board member: If our poll pads are no longer connected via internet how is it transmitting data?

Director: Via cell towers

Absentee Update

Out of 7,962 voters

27 Applications received

9 Rejected

1 received too late

5 accepted

Board member: May I request a cost of keeping the library and Miriam Moore.

Supervisor: I can’t provide more specific numbers but somewhere between $24,000 – $25,000

The Supervisor then hands out a binder with precinct lines and location and ask the board to put in suggestions for where the 2024 lines and precincts should be in preparation for the April 4th and 11th worksessession

The board then discusses legislation that could impact the board, namely SB 129 and 222.

Following this is a discussion of poll managers. Motion to approve poll managers for March 21st Election


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