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Dekalb County Board of Election 3/25/22

Dele Lowman Smith (D) Chair
Nancy Jester (R)
Anthony Lewis (R)
Susan Motter (D)
Karli Swift (At Large)
Called to order 1:00pm by Chair Lowman-Smith

  1. Liz Throop, Atlanta, said poll managers do a great job and that it would be impracticable to
    switch to politically-appointed poll managers at this time.
  2. Jane Mazoff, Decatur said she was concerned about changing polling place locations.
  3. Colette Fricks, Doraville
  4. Victoria Webb, Avondale Estates
    A list of proposed polling place and dropbox locations, along with the meeting agenda, were
    shared with the public via the website. This is very positive and unprecedented in DeKalb
    Elections meetings. Most of the changes are merely making “temporary” polling locations
    permanent. The Board unanimously approved the (yet to be finalized) locations (attached).
    They had tried to move from S. DeKalb Mall to GSU DeKalb or other government facility as
    Advance Voting location so they could put a dropbox there – but apparently, they changed their
    minds and S DeKalb Mall will be an Advance location. I’m not sure how they get to put a
    dropbox at S DeKalb Mall, a non-government facility, under SB202.
    Director Smith says new locations published in the legal organ (The Champion) 3/24/22 and
    May 2 – May 20: Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm
    Saturdays 9am – 6pm
    Sundays noon – 5pm (except shorter hours Mothers’ Day May 8)
    Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson mentions the (attached) map of dropbox locations for the
    May 24 Primary. Staff member Twyla Hart says they tried to distribute the dropboxes evenly
    across the county in line with population concentrations. The Board adopted proposed dropbox
    locations unanimously.
    Comm. Davis Johnson announced a Voter Registration event on Memorial Drive offices parking
    Susan Motter reported that she attended a session at GAVREO in which state attorney Ryan
    Germany mentioned that many counties are receiving lists of nominations for poll managers
    from political parties. These nominations are based on 21-2-90, a law passed in 1964 but never
    acted on before, which says county Elections offices must hire these nominees unless
    impracticable. Motter has requested data on DeKalb’s existing poll workers, such as how long
    they have worked, what positions they have held, etc. Motter also discussed the matter with
    county attorneys so DeKalb Elections can make hiring decisions in accordance with this law.
    From 21-2-90: If the political parties involved elect to do so, they may submit to the
    superintendent, for consideration in making such appointment, a list of qualified
    persons. When such lists are submitted to the appropriate office, the
    superintendent, insofar as practicable, shall make appointments so that there shall
    be equal representation on such boards for the political parties involved in such
    elections or primaries. The superintendent shall make each appointment by entering an
    order which shall remain of record in the appropriate office and shall make such order
    available for public inspection upon request. The order shall include the name and
    address of the appointee, his or her title, and a designation of the precinct and primary
    or election in which he or she is to serve.

*These notes were typed and prepared by a Peanut Gallery Volunteer

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Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings?

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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