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Whitfield County Board of Elections meeting August

Members present: Carol Byers, Rob Cowan
Registrar: Mary Hammontree
R. Cowan chaired the meeting.

Old business
M. Hammontree reported the precinct cards for voters affected by the Antioch precinct change have
been sent to the printer. Signs that note the change will be put up seven days in advance of voting. The
change will be posted on the website.

New business

  1. Storage—Hammontree showed pictures of the new space for storing paperwork. SPLOST funds
    paid for the construction of the area. She also said shelving will be installed for storing the 100 GPS
    batteries they have and for voting machines.
  2. Poll workers—Hammontree said they are getting calls from people interested in becoming poll
    workers. She plans to have 20 to 30 more people trained to supplement their current workforce.
    They will advertise for the positions and hold a “poll worker fair.”
  3. Westside precinct change—The Westside polling place had been moved from a school to
    another facility. They got complaints about the new facility. Recently, Hammontree said the
    school has decided to offer space as a polling site in a new gym that can be closed off from the
    students on election day. Staff will meet with school officials on October 10 to make the final
    arrangements. The change has been advertised and new precinct cards are at the printer. They
    will put up signs at the old site. The locations are within sight of each other.
  4. Funding of new precinct cards—Hammontree said the Secretary of State’s office has grant funds
    available to pay for new precinct cards resulting from redistricting. They will apply for $12,000

A person with the League of Women Voters asked about training for poll watchers. Hammontree said
the parties provide that training because she and her staff don’t have the time. A representative with
Voter Protection said she believed her organization provides online training for poll watchers, but she
will check on it. Hammontree said she will check with the Secretary of State’s office about the process
for designating or certifying poll watchers. The LWV volunteer said they would to be involved in the
training as well.

Meeting Adjourned

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