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Chatham Board of Registrars Addresses Voter Challenges

Chatham Board of Registrars Meeting 10/10/2022

Called to order 12:03PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Collin McRae:  The purpose of the meeting today  is to address voter challenges. For that purpose we have a spreadsheet compiled by the office.

We’ll start by addressing voters registered at P.O. Boxes and commercial addresses, Specifically at 1030 US Highway 80 West

Billy Norse: That address appears to be a store. We tabled the majority of these to give challenged voters time to respond. Some did, Jerome Adams requested a cancellation.

Collin McRae: What did we do with these last time

Billy Norse: We determined they didn’t have enough evidence

Debra Geiger: I make a motion to deny the challenge

Failed for lack of a second

Helen Strahl: I should note that these are not 229 challenges and are 230 challenges not subject to the 90-day prohibition

Katherine: Did you submit any evidence these voters do not live in Chatham 

Carry Smith: I did receive a challenge and I updated mine but the board should keep in mind Federal court Majority v. Ben Hill determined challenges like these violated the 90-day prohibition on systemic challenges

Helen Strahl: The purpose of 230 is not to remove voters from the rolls it is to force voters to clean rolls by forcing voters to correct information

Debra Geiger: The SOS also has the function of cleaning rolls

Collin McRae: We should deal with Ms. Smithy now as she actually showed up to the challenge

Motion to deny Carry Smith’s Challenge. Passes unanimously

Helen Strahl: 230 does not remove voters it places them into inactive status

Sabrina: The end result is still for the voter to be removed

Katherine: There is a process for correct info to be added without moving voters to inactive status

Katherine: We need more evidence than what was provided. 

Collin McRae: I propose we send out a 30-day confirmation notice. Also, Should we treat P.O. Boxes the same as missing address status

Sabrina: We can’t put them in a 999 status without a signature 

Collin McRae: The secretary of state office isn’t providing guidance or opinions

Motion to deny challenges based on P.O. Boxes

Motion Passes

National Change of Address Challenges

Collin McRae: There are about 12 of them. With respect to these I’m inclined to defer to the S.O.S. process for cleaning rolls

Ms Strahl withdraws these challenges

178 Voter Registration Applications with no residential address listed

Collin McRae: These people are in 999 status and are not given a ballot when they show up as they haven’t been assigned a precinct. We aren’t removing someone as their registration hasn’t been accepted. As it is they can not vote unless they come in and fix their registration by adding an address, which they can do as they turned in their registrations before the deadline

Motion to deny challenges and send out 30-day confirmation notices.

Motion Passed

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