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Chatham County Board of Elections Meeting Notes 04/13/21

  • Invocation/prayer
  • Pledge of allegiance 
  • New member: James Hall (appointed by Republican party) – board is complete once again
  • Approval of last meeting’s minutes
  • Financial report
    • Update to financial report format to reflect when expenses are incurred as well as paid 
    • Dominion voting system charge question from the financial report
      • It’s a continued expense (more machines and maintenance)
      • Related to past elections
      • BoE bought a few new pieces of equipment between November and the runoff as well
  • Update from Member Wooten:
    • Auditing records
      • 518 boxes that have been packed, audited, labelled, and stored 
      • 3 full years of election records
      • 202 boxes of records that will be disposed of because they are legally not required to keep 
        • Unused provisional ballots
        • Official documents (certifications etc)
    • 8 of temp staff have been laid off, 3 remain for this project
      • No work for the 8 and the Board was “over budget”
      • Temp staff will be called back as needed
    • Review of written forms and documents to develop a consistent look across all media
    • Developing new updated job descriptions for poll workers (with the onset of new machines and requirements)
    • Drafted a calendar with events and tasks to stay on top of deadlines (when to send notices out, when to send ballot proofs, etc)
    • Need new polling locations
      • At least one polling location, the owners are not retaining the building
      • Working to find a new location
      • If any members of public have suggestions for potential polling locations, “we’re all ears”
        • Looking for: handicap accessibility, parking, position w/in precinct and district, how easy for voters to get to, size, 
  • Member Hall: Sometimes, precinct and district numbers are not consistent. Will work on it.
    • Sometimes, poll locations may be outside precinct boundaries especially in less dense communities
    • Member Scott Hodge: The Board may not see the location as an issue, but it might be an issue for residents. Would be good to look at a comprehensive list and see what the issues are.
    • Member Mahoney: Need a written report and recommendation from staff on this issue.
    • Concern from members about people knowing where they will vote 
  • Annex of the warehouse project (“very exciting”)
    • They have a proposed plan for renovating the annex 
    • Members hope to get the board in one unified location
    • Member Marianne moves to hire an architect for the new building
  • Budget Review
    • Budget office has recommended 2.1 million, about a 20% increase from last year

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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