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Douglas County Board of Elections 5/11/23

Members present: Myesha Good (chair), Maurice Hurry (vice-chair), Michele Crochetiere, Kevin Evans, Chad Word
Director: Milton Kidd

Citizen comments: One person from Douglasville had two questions about the last election. First, she
wanted to know if questions about qualifications for candidates had been resolved. Second, she was
concerned that after voting started, the votes for one candidate were not counted.

At M. Good’s request, M. Kidd answered her questions later in the meeting. He cited code section 21-2-
5 which covers candidate qualifications and 21-2-6 which covers challenging candidate qualifications and removal of a candidate from the ballot. He said they adhere to the legal requirements for candidate
qualifications. He said that if a candidate is removed after the ballot is printed, the county must put
signage in polling places and notices with absentee ballots stating that. They cannot strike the name
from the ballot, and they cannot stop voters from voting for the disqualified candidate if their name is
on the ballot. Kidd offered to meet with any resident to discuss candidate requirements and processes
for removal.

Felon reports—staff reported that due to a system problem, they did not get felon notices this month.
C. Ward asked Kidd if they received felon and death information from GARVIS. Kidd said they received
felon information from GARVIS and death information from the probate court.

Office operations
Staff made the following reports:
? On April 20, they attended career day at Mt. Carmel elementary school
? On April 25, they made a presentation to Douglas County Citizens Academy
? On April 25, staff attended poll pad training in Lithia Springs and were joined by other counties
? They have received updated maps from Villa Rica and are reviewing them. Once the review is
completed, they will notify voters of precinct changes.

Old business
Staff reported they are working on updating the training and forms for poll workers. They have been
meeting with a vendor who will be assisting them on poll worker management such as clocking in and

M. Cochetiere asked about precinct changes that were reported during an earlier meeting. Kidd said the
precinct in question is not part of a municipality. He expects to make the change and notify voters in

New business
Kidd reported voter registration events will take place at two high schools, one this month and the other next fall.

Kidd also reported they are working with county staff to procure a new location for the office.
Kidd reported the presidential primary will take place on March 12. Absentee ballots can be requested
up to 78 days before the election, which will fall on December 25.

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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