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Hall County Government Elections and Registration Meeting- April 9, 2024

o David Kennedy (Vice Chairman)
o Jack Noe, Chairman
o Johnny Varner
o Gala Sheats
o Ken Cochran- absent
o Justin Law
o Paige Thompson

  • Quorum – approved
  • Pledge to the flag
  • Motion to adopt the agenda- voted to approved
  • Motion to adopt minutes from March 12, 15, and 22, 2024- voted to approve
  • Public comments on agenda items:
    o Focus on General Primary- steady of stream of poll workers
    o Election staff – want the BOE to know them better and what they do
    o Paige- election manager – 300 poll workers, a fluid number, Product package has
    shipped, L&A Process
    o Kay- senior election manager – Registration – 12624 inactive
    o Sheika- ORR manager (Open Records Request) –
    o Sadie- Works with poll workers (600), training, supplies – Poll worker drive, March
    26-29, Heard about it a Fox5, training starts tomorrow. Next training in Sept.
    o Tom- Senior Elections Specialist- oversees technical logistics -Results of recent
    audit, analysis shared via handouts.- Risk limiting audit- specifies the scope, results
    matched exactly. Full hand count audit results- various batches described.
    Reaudited 2 batches (North and Oakwood) due to a discrepancy. Yellow coded,
    orange more discrepancy of almost double – recounted and then matched. Rest
    were off by 1. If discrepancy of 10 there was a miscount of stacks (10 in each stack).
    QC check count, hand count. 2020 was chaotic and adjustments were made. Will
    need more equipment and teams if this is done in Nov. Have a much crisper process
  • Business item added
    o Venue Springs in Flowery Branch- added as a voting location
  • Public comments on non-agenda items –

o Richard Shroder – a poll worker – said Dominion Machines were vulnerable. Quoted
from code book about privacy. Said it’s not private because people walk behind
voters. 21-2368… Why aren’t votes counted a polling location?
o William Berry – reported his self as a member of Republican Party. He witnessed the
audit as a volunteer. He stated that it was a good process to witness and that builds
confidence with voters. What was reported matched within reason – all miscounts
were resolved. Recruiting volunteers for May 21 ballot audits. This could be
considered as practice for the Nov. election and builds confidence. Asking to
consider doing this again in May.

  • Confirmation of next meeting: May 21, 2024
  • Executive Session – not needed
  • Motion to adjourn at 6:33 pm.

*These meeting notes were prepared by a volunteer

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.  

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