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In attendance:

Robert Haney (Chairman)

Janice Bennett (Assistant Chairman)

Jack Grub (Secretary)

Bill Westberry

Kay King

New Business

a. Election Calendar Review (presidential preference primary or “PPP”) presented by Robert Haney:

“All in all, everything went fine as far as the operation of the election; it was a good day. The lines were long. We immediately got blamed for the combining of the precincts as the reason for that. I am certain that had some effect on it, but not what people think. Surrounding counties around us had the same problems we had. It’s just nobody predicted that kind of turnout for this election. All we can do is look at past elections and try to plan based off of that. In the PPP in 2012, we had a record turnout, and that record turnout consisted of 20%. This turnout was 43.43% which doubled the record turnout. With that being said, in the last several elections we’ve voted, half the people who voted voted early. That did not happen in this election. Only 10% of the people who voted voted early, so that attributed to the long lines. I can assure you that we better be prepared for early voting in May. We will be swamped.”

a. Board Members Sworn In – Robert Haney and William Westberry were sworn in

b. Poll Workers

c. May General Primary Calendar – Advanced voting will begin May 2nd through the 20th from 8:30AM-4:30PM. There will be a board of elections meeting on May 4th. May 14th will be the date for Saturday voting. Election Day is May 24th; the 23rd will be the day to set up the equipment, and the 25th is the day that they will take everything down.

Next Meeting Date – 04/06/2016, changed it to 04/13/2016


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