In attendance:
Kimberly Copeland (Member, D)
Gabriel Shippy (Member, D)
Ken Cochran (Member, R)
Thomas Sandoval (Member, R)


Charlotte Sosebee (Chief Registrar & Director of Elections)


For the upcoming election, Republican, Democrat or nonpartisan ballots are available, but only the judges are on the nonpartisan ballots.

Poll worker training

Chairperson Sosebee began reaching out to poll managers last week to tell them what equipment to expect.

New clerks need to pass a test by May 12th, after completing online training.

All managers and assistant managers will need to complete in-office training, which will be held next Monday-Wednesday.

Saturday voting will be conducted on the 14th.

The board hopes to add a new precinct location and two Saturday early voting days in time for the November election.

Last day to register to vote in the general primary (on May 24th) is April 26th.

New Holland precinct

Chairperson Sosebee got a few calls on this today. Potential to split that precinct so the voters in particular areas of New Holland don’t have to drive as far to their precinct location. It’s a possibility that the predict will be split. Time to have a convo about it.

Friendship 1 precinct

This election, Chairperson Sosebee is increasing the site’s equipment and number of poll workers. The site is perfect to accommodate a large number of voters, but there is a large population reporting to Friendship 1 and that number will continue to grow. Going to test out the increased equipment and staffers.

Next meeting: May 17th

*The board began an executive session to discuss legal and/or personnel matters.*

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