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Lowndes County Faces Extreme Poll Worker Shortage 5-12-2020

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Lowndes County Board of Elections Meeting 5-12-2020

Meeting Highlights from 5-12-2020 

Lowndes county is 125% over budget due to the unexpected run-off locations. There are also two additional reimbursement payments for $10,000 for new equipment. 

There is a shortage of poll workers: the county needs 185, but has only 38 workers. The suggested solution is to consolidate/close precincts. 

There are two new polling places in the county: NorthGate Church and Mount Calvary Church. The addresses can be found below. 

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law.

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Notes from Lowndes County Board of Elections Meeting 5-12-2020 4:30 pm. 

Notes from this meeting were taken by an attendee. For more information, contact Lowndes BOE at 229-671-2850. 

County: Lowndes County 

Date: 05/12/2020

Jamael Shotomide

[email protected]

– The county is receiving a major poll worker shortage

– The county is 125% over budget

– 2 new polling locations have been added in the county 

Meeting start: 4:30; Meeting end: 4:53

Members Present:

Deb cox

Ray Corbett

Carla Jordan

Jackie Goolsby

Members of the public present: 3


Motion to approve the last meeting’s minutes

Motion passed

Public Member Dr. Dennis Marks thanks the chairman Carla Jordan for the county having the option to have the Board of the Elections meeting via teleconference.

He also thanks member Deb. Cox for guiding citizens to the absentee ballot drop box by installing a sign.

Dr Marks wants the county to make an extra effort to help people in nursing homes in the county to vote.

Public Member Pam Hubbard asks the status of the early votes cast in March.

Member Deb Cox says she doesn’t know the status but says they will be counted June 9th.

Public Member Pam Hubbard also asks if any of the board members can outline the steps of how the ballots are received either through mail or dropbox.

Member Deb Cox tells Pam Hubbard to email her and she will forward her the process.

Public Member Pam Hubbard also asks who verifies ballot signatures.

Member Deb Cox says election officials who have been trained verify the signatures and if a ballot is rejected then it takes 2 officials to review it. She says ultimately it will take 3 officials to officially reject a ballot.

She states again that the county has no rejections up to this point.


Newly elected Board of Elections Chairman: 

Jackie Goolsby (will take office June 1,2020)

Motion for members of the board to recognize Jackie Goolsby as the new Lowndes Board of Elections 

All members in favor none opposed.

Motion passed.


Supervisor’s Report

-Informed the county is 125% over budget due to an unexpected 6,500$ run-off election with an added wait of  2 reimbursement payments for 10,000$ for new equipment.

NorthGate Church has passed all hurdles to become a new polling place in the county for November.

Motion to adopt NorthGate Church as a new polling location in the November 3rd election.

Motion passed.

Motion is also brought up to adopt Mount Calvary Church as a polling place location in the November location. 505 east 4th st 

Motion passed

Next topic is poll workers shortage

Member Deb. Cox says the county needs 185 but they currently only have 38.

She proposes the county should consolidate some of the other precincts in the county.

Propose to close precincts Trinity, Dasher, VSU, JC Shaft.


Covid-19 updates:

County has no shortage of PPE.

Each polling location will have a poll marker to make sure citizens keep 6ft of distance.

Each poll worker will receive a mask, gloves and other ppe supplies.

Voters will be given gloves and wipes upon request.

Each poll machine will be wiped down after use.

Poll closure signs have been ordered in case of any closure.

The Ballot Dropbox is very popular and being used everyday.

Has to be emptied every 24 hours but they empty the box 2 times a day.

The county is also discussing waiting on the process for counting the thousands of ballots.

Member Deb Cox says the state is looking into possibly opening the ballots a day early.

No further updates

The County plans to have its next Board of Elections Meeting on June 9th, 2020, the day of the election.


Meeting adjourned 4:53 pm

Next meeting on election day

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