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Lowndes County Board of Elections Meeting 11/10/20

o Roll call
Ray Corbett, Member
o Carla Jordan, Member
o Jackie Goolsby, Chairman
Deb Cox supervisor of elections
Pam hampard
corey mcfarland
bobby portovan
Dennis Marks
Minutes from the last meeting approved
Citizen comments:
Dennis Marks Lowndes County democratic party, thanks the voters, 46, 543 ballots cast in Lowndes 61.7
percent of voters in Lowndes. Thanked the candidates especially local candidates. Thanked the BOE for
extended early voting hours, and the additional precincts. Could have done a better job communicating
the new locations, but glad they were there. Deb Cox always responded to questions, not always how I
wanted but all promptly. Pollworkers who worked long hours under dangerous conditions. Thanked
monitors, observers, and adjudicators. Every ballot adjudicated in Lowndes was decided unanimously (1
repub, 1 dem, 1 voting official).
Improvements requested:

  1. Mail absentee ballots from Lowndes county, not from Arizona. Deb Cox should be authorized to
    negotiate with the post office for more expeditious handling of
  2. Set up drop boxes for all polling places, not just one for the entire county. This isn’t Texas. We have no
    public transportation. In some cases we had to have drivers drive across county. Asked to approve 13
    more drop boxes.
  3. Asked to use an early voting place that is large, has adequate parking, and is covid mathis auditorium
    as venue for early voting since current place is not big enough to be safe.
  4. Furnish masks for all voters who want them. There’s a company in Lowndes county that can do that,
    provide “I voted” masks.
    Request copies of the grant application, award letter, and any communicaton between grant office and
    county. Public documents. Show that there’s adequate funding for above improvements. Deb Cox
    replied: county commissioners are handling the grant.
    Vivian miller cody, chairperson of the democratic party, councilwoman, kudos, everything went great.
    Everyone who voted from whatever party had a good time.

Supervisor report: Deb Cox. working on finishing up the election. Working on getting set up for the
richland event at 9. Working out the logistics, four teams counting the ballots, conference call tomorrow
to determine details. Working on the Dec. 1 public service commission run off, 6-7000 ballots mailed out
form our office for that. By the 20 th for the January runoff. Wokring from Sunday to Sunday on the
recount, statewide.
This was truly a whole Lowndes County effort. Had as many as we could use, with extras on hand to
deploy when we had no-shows. Everything worked great.
We had to expend significant amounts of staff time due to misinformation in the community, saying
there’s dead people voting. I looked up myself 50 dead people yesterday, and today the thing is phone
calls about people’s pets being registered. That is just not occurring. That is just disinformation with the
intent of messing up the election, messing up people’s heads, and messing with people’s confidence in
the system. We found no pets or dead folks registered or voting.
Dr. Marks asked that the office put out a PSA to that effect to educate people.
Ray: no comment.
Carla: Great job
Adjourned at 4:48.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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