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Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections 8/8/23

Present: Rocky Raffle, Democratic Committee[email protected]12-31-2026
Present: Patricia Till, Republican Committee[email protected]12-31-2026
Present: Willa Fambrough[email protected]12-31-2023
Present: Hunaid Qadir[email protected]12-31-2024
Present: Adam Shirley[email protected]12-31-2024

A. Adopt Agenda – passed

B. Approval of Minutes 

1. July 11 regular meeting 

2. July 18 special meeting, 4:30pm (voter challenge hearing) 

3. July 18 special meeting, 5:00pm 

4. July 19 special meeting 

C. Public Comment Pursuant to board bylaws, a public comment list shall be provided prior to this meeting. Those wishing to address the board will be asked to provide a first name, last name, and an address. The Chairperson will call each person in the order shown on the list. Each person wishing to provide public comment shall have three minutes to address the Board. 

Byron Flanagan, new ED of Economic Justice Coalition, looks forward to continuing to work to improve voter process

D. Director’s Report: 72,000 active voters. Contest for voter advancement stickers. To get early voter turnout. Submissions until 8/27. 

National Poll Workers Day. 8/14 and 8/15, honoring poll workers past and present. 8/16 is actual National Poll Workers Day, program for freshmen on a scavenger hunt who will come into the office.

Board’s goal retreat–8/23-8/24. Bobby Smythe. Topics: Spanish language roll-out. Wants to coordinate two retreats each year, August and February. Open for public to observe. Facilitator is organizational development director: Patrice Nayatume. 

Timeline on polling location changes. Notice has been published. Started 7/30. 9/12 meeting decision will be made on changes. In time for November mailing. 12/13 is date to inform the voters. Mailing to happen after 11/7 election (if that happens). 

No contact process: from Secy of State. If voters haven’t had contact for at least 5 calendar years, will have 30 days to contact registrar. If voter doesn’t respond within 30 days, records will become inactive. About 1500 voters affected. Way for GA to clean up voter registration rolls. If voter is inactive for two general election years (4 calendar years), if they don’t respond to notification, they will be moved from inactive to cancellation. ???is there a timeline? Lawyers will respond. Yes, to be mailed 8d/10.

Open records request: received 7 open records requests.

E. Old Business Update on RFP for Spanish language translation: Don’t have to do an RFP (less than $50K), so have provided board list of vendors that have been approved by the state. Purchasing department also provided a vendor. Board to decide which vendor. If don’t pick the lowest bid, need to explain why. What process do we need to do to make a decision? Conference call? Flyer? What? Intent is to discuss at the retreat and vote at September meeting. Try to get at least 3 quotes. Then need to justify if don’t go with lowest quote. Need a court certified translator. 

F. New Business 

1. Drafting a written agreement for non-governmental entities where voting is conducted (10min – Qadir, tabled from July) Wants a set of guidelines to be included between board a non-government entities where voting is conducted. For any precinct election. (Attorney): don’t attempt to draft it; she will do it in correct language. Qadir will start process of stating what they want, to be finalized at the retreat.

2. Emergency Operations Center for General Election in 2024 (10min – Raffle) All interested parties would be in a room on election day, all parties can cross communicate with each other about the same messages. Public information people can get the correct info out. Don’t need to make decisions today. Perhaps they can come to the retreat to provide the info. Goal would be to roll it out for the next general election in 2024. These would be reps from 911, police, fire, staff, area managers, school districts, to cover any emergency that can come up. Want to make sure if there is a 2020 repeat, they will be proactive rather than reactive. 

G. Announcements 

1. Monday, August 14, 10:00am-1:00pm, and Tuesday, August 15, 5:00pm-8:00pm: Honoring our poll workers 

2. Wednesday, August 16: National Poll Worker Day 

3. Monday, August 21, 8:30am: Candidate qualifying begins for November 7, 2023, Special Elections 

4. Wednesday, August 23, 5:00pm: Candidate qualifying ends for November 7, 2023, Special Elections 

5. Wednesday, August 23, 4:00pm, location TBD: Special called meeting (goal-setting retreat) -Bobby Snipes Resource Center780 Farmer Street

6. Thursday, August 24, 4:00pm, location same: Special called meeting (goal-setting retreat) 

7. Tuesday, September 12, 4:30pm, 120 W. Dougherty Street: Regular meeting 

8. Tuesday, September 19: National Poll Worker Day 

9. October 1 through 7: National Voter Education Week 

10. Tuesday, October 3: Election Education Forum specifically for elected officials and political Parties 

11. October 4, 6:00pm-7:30pm, Miriam Moore Community Center: Voter Information Session 

12. Thursday, October 5: Election education forum specifically for voters 

13. Tuesday, October 10: Last day to register to vote in upcoming November 7th election 

14. October 16: Earliest date to mail out requested absentee ballots for November 2023 elections Advance voting begins for November 2023 elections 

H. Adjourn

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